On these still water of complacency
My eyes rest on a foreign object
In admiration.

On these still waters of complacency,
The bow
-That is my self-
Cannot project my self

On these still waters of complacency
I remain.

~May 21st, 1993

“So, let us be alert–alert in a twofold sense:

Since Auschwitz we know what man is capable of.

And since Hiroshima we know what is at stake”

~ Viktor E. Frankl

This Simulated, Hyperreal World

Where is this?
This something, This Being?
Where is this Truth,
And how do we speak about it?

The torrential rains
Pour down nothing upon our nothing.
The lightning
(Whatever that my be)
Strikes the tree
(Whatever that may be).
The War on Terror,
This war of attrition,
Does not occur.
The War on Terror
Does Occur.

If I am Me
Then who is I?
I don’t know not-I, nor not-Me,
But wait…
I do know Me
(And I for that matter).

Although there is no President,
There is a “President;”
Although there is no Man,
We still have “Man;”
And though there is no Woman,
There is still “Woman.”
Woman-The “Other” to Some and to None-
Exists through Non-Existence.

How ought we to square this?


Look out there.
I mean WAY out there.
Can you feel that?
That sensuous tug,
Like time just drags on by,
Like the normative pace

That’s real,
That’s present.
That’s now,
That’s here.

“This is where …

“This is where modern man now finds himself, not on the highway of upward Progress toward a radiant Utopia, but on the brink of a catastrophic precipice, below which yawns the absolute void, an uncompromising black Nothingness.”
~Gordon E. Bigelow

“That everyone …

“That everyone can learn to read will ruin not only writing, but thinking too.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Feminist Biblical Criticism

I wrote a paper on the influence of Existentialism and Simone de Beauvoir in Feminist biblical Interpretation this semester for my Women and the Bible course. This is my final paragraph. Leave me some feedback!

“Through Feminist Biblical Criticism, women are slowly moving away from the social and ideological distinction as “Other.” Women can now deal with their feelings of existential dread and angst in just the same useless manner that men may. However, the distinction must remain forever. For, at bottom, the bearers of consciousness define all language  metonymically. Without male there is no female. Without white there is no black. Without western there is no eastern. If humanity wishes to continue discussions about gender in comprehensible ways, then gender distinction will not disappear. One may only venture to hope that the eyes of this world will open to face this problematic abyss. Lest Aporia descends upon the still waters of complacency.”


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