What is the goal of Philosophy?

Throughout the history of philosophy, the main focus of the prevailing mood in time changes quite often. The Monists, Pluralists, and Atomists were interested in Cosmology. The Sophists sought the more existential truths and were more interested in power and winning. Then comes Socrates and his interest in ethics and what it means to be good.

Today, it’s hard to say where the main focus lies. Philosophy Mind, of Science, of Mathematics, of Law, of Language, of Religion, Metaphysics, Epistemology, etc. are all hotbeds for theoretical literature. As such, one can tell a lot about a philosopher’s position by the fields that he or she believes to be most important today. For example, if I were to name off the four most important fields in Philosophy today, they would be Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Mind.

What do you think my major focus is in philosophy? If you were to name the four most important areas of philosophy, what would they be to you?


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