“She understood his character perfectly now. She understood why it was that he had so often bored her and irritated her. He was a highbrow- her deadliest word- a highbrow, to be classed with Lenin, A.J. Cook and the dirty little poets in the Montparnasse cafés.”

~George Orwell (Burmese Days)

Egads! I hope there are never any Elizabeth’s in my romantic life. But such persons are a given, even in such a supposedly advanced period as our own. They represent the majority of all men and women.

Anti-intellectuals: Great oafs who display their pussel-gutted, putrid bodies decaying at the call of time as if adornments necessitating  praise. They wake, they breathe, they eat, they defecate. They live. They never feel true religious awe, they neverexperience its correlate in the sublime. They never ponder mysteries of being. They never try to become other than what they are. They are perfect. And they do not exist.


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