Is any title good enough?

“Jesus, Jesus” ~Jeanne d’Arc

“Oh, I love Him… My God… I love you.” ~St. Therese of Lisieux

These are famous last words, every phoneme and syllable of which relays the innermost being of those husks whom they emanated from. Lives lived in total loyalty to one notion. There are few who have or ever will reach their experiential intensity.

The teenaged, diminutive Jeanne, or Joan, tied to a stake. She is lowered toward the flame and before smoke steals her last breath, the name of the one whose ideal her entire life moved toward escapes her lips.

Therese, having suffered of tuberculosis for over a year, lies dying in her hermetic convent. The God who had shown itself in all her action’s and strivings is, in some sense (at least psychologically), with her and experiencing this pain alongside her.

I have no want to frame my remarks from a religious perspective, or even to outline what mine is to encourage the audience’s approval through self-identification or disapproval through whatever means. You will die. I will die. What we live for matters. But in apokatastasis or oblivion no manner of earthly being makes a difference.

All is permissable. So do as you will and must do. Without considerations of what society deems worthy or right.

(P.S. Dreyer’s film on the trial of Joan of Arc is beautiful. Watch it. You may cry.)


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