Help Me Get To Japan (Now Defunct)

On September 8th, I will embark on a trip that will directly affect this blogspace. I will leave Charlotte-Douglass Airport and arrive in Osaka, Japan two days later. Through Antioch University’s ‘Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions’ program I will live and study in Kyoto for three months.

Traveling to see famous Japanese cities, temples, and historic sites; studying the language, culture, and religious ideas of the nation both ancient and modern; trying unique cuisine and learning hands-on about how to pack for and find objects one needs for such a trip; I will learn about about Japan. And I will share it here, with you.

To be a part of this campaign, you can donate here: . Over 95% of gofundme proceeds go directly to the trip and will help me pay my University dues that will make this trip possible. The most important part of this campaign is awareness, and all likes, comments, and shares of this post on wordpress will help immensely in getting the message of this campaign out. Further, feel free to share this post and any of my update posts on your facebook, twitterspace, tumblrs, or any other social networking platofrm you find applicable.

This is the beginning of something I want you to be a part of.


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4 responses to “Help Me Get To Japan (Now Defunct)”

  1. Lee Hadden says :

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time in Japan. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and all you are learning.

  2. TravelDestinationsby7am says :

    Goodluck to all your endeavors

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