Togemon in Toy Town (Digimon Adventure Episode 6)

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The Digidestined seem to be trapped in Andromon’s factory until he leads them to the only exit from the Absurd Deconstruction Factory: A Sewer! Its just like they say, only a trip the countryside or the mountains can remove that big-city industrial life ennui and malaise, only the smell of an (again) inexplicable and out of place sewer can remove one from manufactured life and reorient one back into good old-fashioned natural manure life!

Traversing the cavernous entrails of the Digital World, Sora reflects on how she misses singing back home with her family, while the others recount the things they miss most. This moment of nostalgia and yearning for a past time that they cannot currently reclaim is analogous to the yearning most of us experience as we grow older and find it difficult or impossible to lead the simple lives we once led. They will later find, upon return home, that life will be unalterably changed as their destinies continue to align them with danger and the digital world. (But enough of this for now, back to the sewers)

While in the sewers, the digidestined meet a group of sludge Digimon know as Numemon that proceed to chase them and their Digimon out by lobbing “Nume Sludge” towards them. Har har har. Once they reach the surface, they discover some more out of place sites: around 50 vending machines. Hiding inside are unfortunately not snacks and drinks, but more Numemon, who- enamored with Mimi and Palmon- give chase. The Digidestined split up and Mimi encounters a gear-infected Monzaemon who scares off the Numemon, but gives chase to them as well!

Monzaemon is a usually beneficent Digimon whose good cheer has been perverted by the black gears. He built his amusement park-like abode, Toy Town, to house toys discarded by children. And now he is using his Hearts Attack not to bring joy, but to turn the Digidestined into mindless zombies so that the toys can play with them! (Sorry for so many exclamation points, but the twists are near- M. Night levels. I digress). As with Andromon previously, this gear does not exert any real control over Monzaemon, it just rewires how he thinks. For Andromon this was literal and the gear recoded his circuitry to interpret the Digidestined and Digimon as pests, with Monzaemon it pushes him to act on his deepest, unconscious desires to enact revenge for the indecency of children who throw out their toys, by allowing the toys to play with and then discard the children instead.

The Numemon risk their hides to protect Mimi and Palmon from Monzaemon, but they fail and are trapped by Monzaemon’s Heart Attack. Palmon Digivolves to protect these one-time foes and becomes Togemon, the series iconic bipedal, boxing cactus. The battle frees Monzaemon from the spiritual-existential demoralization of the black gear, the physical manifestation of how technology makes one out of harmony with the Tao, with Wa, with nature, with their fellow beings, and with themselves.

Monzaemon apologizes to the Digidestined who then make their way onto different vistas in continuance of their journey. Another Rookie level- Palmon- has Digivolved to the Champion level and soon enough the Digidestined will discover the source of the black gears. But will they have the power to defeat it?


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The Digidestined Cody

(Continued HERE)


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