The Arrival of Skullgreymon (Digimon Adventure Episode 16)

(If you missed it, part 15 is HERE. And the beginning of this series is HERE.)

Last time, the Digidestined found Tai’s Crest of Courage in a tunnel near the Koromon village. The crest teleported them to safety somewhere in the mountains. However, this next episode begins with the Digidestined again walking through the desert. Continuity error or do they just never get a break? I’m not sure.

Anyhoo. As they travel through the desert, Tai has been commandeering all of the gang’s food to feed to Agumon. Because Tai is the only one of the group with a crest, it stands to reason that his Digimon partner, Agumon, is the only one who can currently Digivolve to a high enough level to defeat Etemon. But Tai’s pushiness will have the opposite effect he hopes for when they really need Agumon’s strength.

Later, the Digidestined find a digital reproduction of the Roman Coliseum in the desert and decide to investigate it when Joe’s tag begins to glow and pull him toward the Coliseum’s direction. Inside, they find that the massive stadium has a giant screen television as well as soccer goals and a soccer ball. Again, we find our young heroes in an inexplicable situation. From technology to architecture, reproductions of real-world aspects of human civilization are abundant in the digital world, but we still have no concrete ideas about what made them appear there in the first place.

Unbeknownst to the Digidestined, they have been followed by one of Etemon’s henchman who promptly alerts the Elvis wannabe to their presence. He is currently too far away from the Digidestined, as the Monochromon  that pulls his semi-truck lair is taking a short rest. Etemon attacks by proxy with a black-gear controlled Greymon who happens to be in the Digidestined’ vicinity and he traps the Digidestined and all the Digimon, except for Agumon, under an electrified soccer goal. Agumon Digivolves to Greymon and is unable to defeat the black gear Greymon on account of the fact that Tai made him overeat and he is now too sluggish. Once the others escape from their net, the situation is no better, for some reason teamwork does not seem to be working.

Tai runs into harms way and distracts the black gear Greymon, thereby forcing his Greymon to Digivolve. The Digivice begins to glow, then turns slowly to a deep black that emanates outward and sends dark energy into Greymon who Digivolves into Skullgreymon and destroys the black gear Greymon, attempts to attack his own Digidestined and Digimon friends, and tears up the Coliseum.

Because of this episode and the mistakes that Tai made therein, we now know ta lot more about how Digivolution works. Not only must a Digimon have energy to Digivolve, but if they have eaten too much they may be sluggish and ineffective once they do (as was Greymon because of all the food Tai made him eat before he Digivolved). We know that it takes more than a little bit of danger to get a Digimon to Digivolve from Champion to Ultimate. We also know that one cannot put oneself in danger purposefully to get their Digimon partner to Digivolve, because this is an act in bad faith that will only channel dark energy into the Digimon who will then rampage and potentially harm their own Digidestined partner. It also seems that after an Ultimate level Digivolution, a Digimon reverts back to its in-training form as did Skullgreymon who turned into Koromon instead of Agumon. However, this may have only occurred because of the illicit circumstances under which the Digivolution took place.

Further, we know that the tags and crests have a unique ability to appear in helpful situations that get the Digidestined out of a bind. During the last episode, Tai’s crest of courage appeared at the end of tunnel where they were trapped. Once activated by his Digivice and Tag, the crest emblem transformed into a crest and transported them to a safer location. In this episode, Joe’s crest is located under the soccer goal they become trapped underneath. Once activated, the crest emblem transforms and they fall downward into a series of underground passages under the Coliseum that ultimately lead them back above-ground and toward safety. This will be an interesting theme to follow in coming episodes.

In this episode of Digimon Digital Monsters, Tai learns that being too gung-ho and forgetting to work together and share resources with his fellow Digidestined and their Digimon can lead to serious consequences.  He learns that being too courageous errs on the side of stupidity and foolhardiness and that there is a golden mean that guides appropriate action. What he and the rest of his friends did not learn, however, was how to Digivolve to the next level. And although they have managed to escape the lackeys of Etemon this time around, next time they may not be so lucky.



The Digidestined Cody

(To be continued HERE)

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