Forget About It (Digimon Adventure Episode 22)

(Episode 21 HERE. The beginning of this series HERE)

Tai and MetalGreymon defeated DarkEtemon with the power of the tags and crests and through their newfound and hardwon lack of fear in the face of potential failure. The energy produced by the virus-infested dark core at Etemon’s center was destroyed and created a space-time continuum that sucked in Tai and MetalGreymon, who ended up back in the real world.

There they remained for a few hours, Tai’s little sister Kari was revealed to potentially be a Digidestined, the effects of chaos in the Digital World were shown to have effects in the real world, and we as viewers got to experience some really beautiful dramatic scenes action sequences from anime auteur Mamoru Hosada. Now, Tai and Agumon have returned to the Digital World.

The two find Tokomon alone with T.K.’s crest, tag, and Digivice. He explains that while Tai, the de facto leader of the Digidestined was missing (for mere hours in the real world, but more than a week in its Digital analogue), the group began to splinter. Each person had different ideas about what to do in his absence. Sora and Biyomon hurried off in the night to find Tai and Agumon on their own. Later, the group thought they could cover more ground by splitting up. So they did. Only Matt and Gabumon and T.K. and Tokomon were together, which is fitting as the two Digidestined are brothers, and T.K. is still quite young and could use his brother’s presence and protection.

Just as the Digidestined could not Digivolve their Digimon to the Ultimate level until they all had found their tags and crests and could sync their powers together, it seems without one of their members around (Tai), they are unable to work together as a team. Eventually, even the ties between the brothers, Matt and T.K., would seem to dissolve as Matt left his little brother at an inexplicable amusement park in the desert. He said he would only be gone for a short while, but ended up disappearing for almost a week. DemiDevimon, a (formerly?) evil Digimon who worked for Etemon, found Tokomon and T.K. and pledged his aid, said he had found Matt and lied that Matt didn’t want to come back to T.K. DemiDevimon claimed that Matt said T.K. was a crybaby and that he didn’t want to look after him any longer.

T.K. has been unable to be of any real help to the team since Angemon defeated Devimon, and then turned into a Digiegg. Since the egg hatched, his Digimon hasn’t been able to Digivolve past the in-training form of Tokomon, and therefore, has been unable to fight off any other Digimon to help the others. In one episode, T.K. and Tokomon simply hide under a blanket in the desert while his friends do all the heavy lifting in the fight against Etemon. Earlier, before the Devimon battle, Patamon was unable to Digivolve and help out the group. To add further insult to injury, T.K. is the youngest of the group and has the least autonomy. Everyone babies him and has to protect him, while he has only proven useful on one occasion (albeit a very important one). He feels inadequate. This is why he believes DemiDevimon spoke with his brother and reported his words faithfully. Because deep down he thinks that Matt is upset with him (and what else could explain his brother not coming back in the few hours time he originally claimed he would? Where has he been in the past week?)

The rest of the episode is a narrative of shifting trusts. Tokomon doesn’t trust DemiDevimon and attacks him to make him tell the truth. T.K. catches Tokomon strong-arming DemiDevimon and chides Tokomon, asking him to apologize for his actions. Tokomon refuse, T.K. goes off with DemiDevimon who tries to corrupt him further (again, like with Devimon, the forces of darkness are targeting the youngest Digidestined who was prophesied to deal the most damage to the Dark Lords and their plans), Tai and Agumon join with Tokomon and find the other two, DemiDevimon tried to feed them poisoned mushrooms of forgetfulness (and in a wonderful vignette we see two disaffected Gazimon, one-time followers of Etemon, tripping on out these mushrooms), Sora- who is hiding behind a tree inscrutably watching the events unfold- warns Agumon about the mushrooms, and Agumon convinces the others of DemiDevimon’s trickery. T.K’s crest glows for the first time and Tokomon finally Digivolves into Patamon (it took only 13 episodes!) and defeats DemiDevimon (who is later chastised by a creature who appears from the dark blood-red sky).

Once again, the forces of evil that pervert trust and friendship with the power of their moral void are thwarted by the sincerity of emotion held by the Digidestined. True friendship prevails and T.K. and Patamon regain their confidence and feelings of self-worth through their trials. After many episodes with a creature of the week or an intense focus on the fears and anxieties of Tai and Agumon, we finally come back around to T.K. and Tokomon’s character developments and are back on track in the third arc: Crest retrieval and Ultimate-level Digimons.



The Digidestined Cody

[Next up WereGarurumon’s Diner!]


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