WereGarurumon’s Diner (Digimon Adventure Episode 23)

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So what happened to Matt and Gabumon last episode? Why didn’t they return to T.K. and Tokomon at the desert amusement park within the few hours they promised? What could possibly explain Matt abandoning his brother for a full week?

Matt and Gabumon are looking over the surrounding area from the swan boat they commandeered at the amusement park. They see Monzaemon, Frigimon, and Kokatorimon walking toward along and decide to follow. The Digimon go into a building that turns out to be a restaurant run by Vegiemon. Joe and Gomamon are inexplicably working as cooks and busboys in the restaurant. It turns out that the two found the place and ordered a lot of food but were unable to pay for it (they only had real-world money). Vegiemon and his evil friend Digitamamon (who we know is evil because of his Peter Lorre voice. That and he’s an egg with creepy eyes peering out of the darkness of a huge crack across his front) forced them to work for the food, but Joe is a clutz and keeps breaking plates and ruining food by cooking badly, so his bill keeps rising and one day of work turned into six weeks.

Matt and Gabumon offer to help Joe work off his debts once they go get T.K. and bring him back with them. However, their trip is cut short as Digitamamon threatens to bring harm to Joe and Gomamon while they are gone. Long story short, Matt and Gabumon stay and try to help work off the bill and free Joe and Gomamon from indentured servitude, Joe continues to make mistakes that keep them there for much longer than necessary, DemiDevimon convinces Matt that Joe is making mistakes on purpose so that Matt won’t leave him behind, and then Tai and T.K. show up and reveal DemiDevimon for the evil Digimon he is.

The brothers are reunited and four of the seven Digidestined are once again together with Sora not far behind. She and Biyomon have been following the other Digidestined and helping them circumvent the trickery of DemiDevimon (as in last episode when they warned Agumon of the mushrooms of forgetfulness, and earlier in this episode when they prevented DemiDevimon from causing more trouble for Joe).

Before the Digidestined can leave Vegiemon’s restaurant, however, they must get through the Ultimate-level Digimon Digitamamon. His Nightmare Syndrome attack creates a void that sucks in good Digimon and weakens them. Vegimon captures T.K. with his vines and threatens to harm him if the Digimon continue fighting back and trying to to escape the restaurant. Joe shows a bit of bravery and frees T.K., all the while getting himself caught in Vegiemon’s vicegrip. Ikkakumon and Garurumon free him momentarily, but seem beaten moments later by Digitamamon. All of a sudden, Matt’s Crest of Friendship begins to glow and he realizes that he can no longer be the loner he has always tried to be. He understands finally that his role is as one of the Digidestined team: “together we’re strong and we can beat anything.” In one of the most nostalgic scenes of the series, the “Hey Digimon” theme queues up and Garurumon Digivolves into the anthropomorphic WereGarurumon and defeats Digitamamon, Vegiemon flees, and the gang celebrates their victory over the forces of evil who would deter them from fulfilling their destinies and saving the Digital World and their own real world back home.

At the end of the battle, WereGarurumon de-digivolves to his in-training form Tsunemon, which corroborates my observation earlier that Ultimate levels consume so much energy they must revert back to a pre-Rookie level after battling. We see DemiDevimon being punished again for failing to hold back the Digidestined from regrouping. This time his master, Myotismon is named, but we still don’t get a clear image of what he looks like. finally, the team is halfway assembled and again off on their adventures to save the Digital World. This time with the power of Ultimate level Digimon in tow, a little more resolve and acceptance of their roles as Digidestined, and closer bonds between one another and their Digimon partners.


Smell ya later,

The Digidestined Cody

[Up next MegaKabuterimon!]

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