Princess Karaoke (Digimon Adventure Episode 25)

(Catch my recap essay on episode 24 HERE. To go back to the beginning click HERE)

So two episodes back Tai, Joe, Matt, and T.K. all finally met up and dealt with Peter Lorre Digitamamon. After escaping from a restaurant that was trying to keep Joe and Matt there as cooks indefinitely, the gang immediately split up again (this time with a game plan for where to meet up next) and went in search of their Digidestined friends.

Now, Tai and Joe are following their Digivice’s tracker feature across a large lake on the continent of Server. As they travel by paddle boat, their Digimon taunt them about not being able to reach the pedals and therefore being unable to help paddle. They arrive at Mimi’s location, which is a gigantic palace atop an island cliff. She has installed herself as princess and made the Otamamon and Gekomon their into her virtual slaves waiting on her hand and foot. The Gekomon and Otamamon’s old master is Shogungekomon who has been asleep for 300 years after losing a singing match to an opponent, they reason that a great song is what is necessary to awaken him. DemiDevimon hatched a plan to send Mimi to the palace where the Gekomon will keep her there indefinitely (he assumes that she cannot sing). However, she uses her singing as blackmail to get the palace’s servants to do her bidding and threatens not to sing if they don’t follow orders.

When Tai and Joe arrive they are surprised by the circumstances and attempt to get Mimi to leave with them. she has grown more selfish than ever and lacks the sincerity she was once known for. Mimi kicks them out of the palace but the Gekomon and Otamamon work with Tai and Joe to try and record Mimi singing into a karaoke machine that Palmon sets up in her boudoir. The plan fails and Mimi jails the two, their Digimon, and even her own Digimon partner Palmon.

Later, Mimi self-consciously has a dream wherein her friends won’t help save her from the dark lords they fought in the past: Devimon and Etemon. Sora, who has been sneaking around helping out whenever she can, goes into Mimi’s room and advises her to do the right thing and sing for the palace’s residents. the next day, she frees her prisoners and sings, but Shogungekomon isn’t happy about being woken up and in the ensuing fight, the palace is destroyed by MetalGreymon who defeats the Shogun Digimon handily.

Overall, the episode is a filler piece. They do achieve the objective of finding one more Digidestined since their earlier split-up in Tai’s absence, but there are no new big bads to face or new Ultimate level Digivolutions. Mimi has to face her own vanity, but we were all aware of it anyhow, and she grows only slightly in the process. Plus, instead of helping save the Digital world, the gang only awoke a powerful Digimon they then had to defeat, leaving the Gekomon and Otamamon without even a figurehead to adore. and they destroyed their palatial home in the process! Talk about a real bummer.


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The Digidestined Cody

[Part 26 HERE!]

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