City Under Siege (Digimon Adventure Episode 36)

(If you missed episode 35’s commentary check it out HERE. to go back to the beginning of this series click HERE)

Last time on Digimon Digital Monsters, a ton of stuff transpired. Sora and Mimi drove away many of the Bakemon holding people prisoner in the Convention Center, Matt and his father began to maneuver through the city to help the rest of the gang, and Palmon finally reached her Ultimate form Lillymon and matched her Digidestined partner’s sense of glamour and style! Now, Myotismon has made an appearance and uses his Nightmare Claw attack to freeze Lillymon in a petrified state. Birdramon helps Lillymon and Sora escape the center, although they leave Mimi behind. Tai leaves his sister with Matt in the Aqua City warehouse so he can go out and play hero, but to no avail as he only tells Sora to go to the warehouse and wait for him, run around aimlessly, and makes no real headway against Myotismon.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Tentomon receive a message from Gennai giving them directions to set up a Digital Barrier in his home. This code saves the two and Izzy’s foster parents from a search group of Bakemon, but Izzy leaves with Tentomon shortly thereafter to find the TV Tower where Myotismon’s is centrally located. He arrives and is almost caught by Bakemon before Matt’s father drags quickly him into a supply closet and out of view of the Bakemon.

In the third group movement of the scenario, T.K. and Joe (sorry about the mistake in the previous blog. Joe was not at the Convention Center with Sora, she just remembered his mantra) are stuck across the harbor. There, the fog is not dense, but ferries cannot easily make the trip across to Odaiba due to extremely low visibility. Gomamon Digivolves to Ikkakumon and carries the two across (with Patamon of course) and in the open passage, they encounter MegaSeadramon. Joe and T.K. fall off of Ikkakumon’s back and T.K. begins to drown when all of a sudden a plank appears beneath him. Joe has given T.K. the only piece of debris he can find and resigns to drowning in the ocean (he can’t swim well either) knowing he has to protect T.K. and be responsible. This willingness to sacrifice himself in the name of duty and responsibility for his younger friend activates his Crest, Ikkakumon Digivolves again- and for the first time into his Ultimate form- to Zudomon and defeats the sea monster. Zudomon then saves the two from the choppy waves and they continue their trip only to find Wizardmon drifting along on a plank, defeated, and begging for help. He explains his relationship to Gatomon and her relationship to Kari, the eighth child, and the group goes on its way with one more passenger in tow.

For Matt, Sora, and Kari stuck at the Aqua city Warehouse waiting for Tai, the episode has been pretty boring. That is, until the last few moments when Phantomon shows up with his goons Tuskmon and Snimon. A battle begins but the three enemies are too much for Garudamon and Garurumon to handle. Kari voluntarily gives herself up if Phantomon will stop attacking her friends, showcasing her willingness to help others even at her own expense as well as he resolve i the face of danger and her aversion to fighting. Phanomon agrees and delivers her to the Convention Center and into Myotismon’s clutches where Gatomon has been previously forced into trying to identify one of Myotismon’s prisoners as the eighth child. Myotismon is right on the edge of destroying them both and episode ends on a cliffhanger without resolution. To be continued.

I like the taut pace of action in this episode. I applaud the show’s creator’s willingness to introduce three new evil Digimon. I champion their ability to create a compelling narrative that draws you in with its complexity without losing the audience and can manage to work with dozens of characters in twenty minutes. This episode is a real feat of filmmaking technically speaking, but I only wish I had more thematic content to sink my teeth into to present new information or contexts or themes to the reader. But the ensuing episodes are rife with just such stuff. so stay tuned!



The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]

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