Sea-Sick and Tired (Digimon Adventure Episode 41)

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The episode begins with the Digidestined awakening upon a beach far from Spiral Mountain where Piximon sacrificed himself so they could make their escape. The beach is littered with old phone booths that they surmise are identical to the ones they first saw on File Island when their journey began. It seems they have not even left File Island and they are stuck there.

The situation is disconcerting and as such Matt remarks, “So we’ve just gone around in one big circle, huh? Makes the whole thing seem kind of pointless doesn’t it?” Sora responds, “Maybe the pointlessness of it is the whole point!” Are the Digidestined playing roles in a mere exercise of futility? Is there any meaning to their situation or will the meaning come later as the striving toward a goal: namely, that of saving the Digital World? Tai doesn’t seem to think that their questions and assertions on this point hold much weight and decides to go ahead with their quest after replying sarcastically, “Thanks for the philosophy, that’s a big help.”

As they stand by the Digital sea, they hear someone yelling for help and see a life raft out amongst the waves. The Digimon are tired after their multiple defeats at the hands of the Dark Masters and stay back on shore while their Digidestined partners go out in a boat already conveniently placed on the sand. But it was a trick all along and Shellmon attacks the group. Gomamon, Tentomon, Palmon, and Biyomon jump into action and defeat Shellmon, thereby prompting Tai to respond that their Digimon must be getting stronger. Last time they fought Shellmon it took the Champion-level Greymon to defeat, and even then just barely. Now, four Rookies were enough to do the job.

As the Digidestined continue their trip across the desert, they see a snack bar in the distance. Kids will be kids and fall for traps easily. As such, they run off toward the shack and into the clutches of Scorpiomon. Fortunately, Mimi trips along the way and Joe helps her back up. They are stalled and therefore don’t fall into the trap. Lillymon and Zudomon take advantage of Scorpiomon’s slow speed and preoccupation with eating shellfish to save their friends and foil his plot. Tai’s earlier prediction that the Digimon have become stronger and that they must gain more experience to defeat the Dark Masters seems to be proven wrong as it took two Ultimate-level Digimon just to destroy one weak Dark Master lackey. We as spectators are left wondering with him at how the Digidestined will ever be able to defeat the new big bads of the series.

As the group runs from MetalSeadramon- who appears incensed over Scorpiomon’s defeat and the ineffectiveness of his two lackey’s traps- the Digidestined flee into the ocean (Why?!?!). He follows and defeats Lillymon and Zudomon leaving the Digidestined completely open to attack and destruction. As per usual, the episode ends here, on a cliffhanger. Bleh.


The Digidestined Cody

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