Under Pressure (Digimon Adventure Episode 42)

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Just as the Digimon are about to be decimated by MetalSeadramon, Whamon shows up and side swipes the Dark Master. The Digidestined swim quickly into Whamon’s mouth as he prepares to dive below the waves and out of the reach of their foes. Unfortunately, MetalSeadramon has eyes throughout the seas in the form of Divermon who work for him. A group of Divermon begin their pursuit of the Digidestined.

During this episode, we find seagulls flying through the skies, thereby making apparent that the fauna of the Digital World extend beyond the fish and shellfish we’ve seen in previous episodes. Gomamon, we know, has an ability to speak with fish and direct them to act. However, something really weird happens in this episode as some of his fishy friends appear and speak to Gomamon. They tell him that they are being pursued by the Divermon, but what is much more troubling is that the fish are revealed to be intelligent creatures. They know not only how to localize a danger, but can speak and give it a specific name, and work towards the well-being of other creatures in the sea (like Gomamon). All of this seems to infer that the fish are conceptual creatures with minds not unlike our own and yet Gomamon and the others have often been shown catching and cooking fish for consumption. That’s messed up to say the least.

As the Divermon get closer to the Whamon and the Digidestined, he urges them into his mouth once more and dives beneath the sea. However, the Divermon are skilled and they manage to follow Whamon with very little difficulty. Whamon plays his last hand and dives into a deep trench on the ocean floor. The Divermon’s tanks collapse due to the intense pressure and are forced to surface. While inside of Whamon, Izzy uses his computer to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Dark Masters and comes to a striking conclusion: WarGreymon is a Dramon Destroyer type Digimon whose attacks can shear through Mega-level Metal-type Digimon’s chrome Digizoid Exterior!

After Whamon gets tired of waiting at the bottom of the ocean, he decides to surface. Kari uses her whistle as a sonar device to help Whamon find nearby tunnels to the surface. But once they surface, the Divermon and their master MetalSeadramon are there waiting. Zudomon makes quick work of the Divermon and then Agumon Warp Digivolves into WarGreymon to challenge the Dark Master. The episode ends with WarGreymon clasped between the fangs of MetalSeadramon, just barely forcing his jaws apart to avoid being crushed, whilst MetalSeadramon quickly submerges and brings WarGreymon to a space outside of his element.

Hopefully WarGreymon can turn this situation around, and quickly, because his weapons are well-suited to the destruction of Dramon types (even the toughest with chrome digizoid armor like his own), but that destructive power can’t be unleashed under these dire circumstances. And even if he does defeat MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon with his innate abilities, how can the team be expected to defeat Puppetmon and Piedmon, two intensely agile fighters, with just brute force?


Till next time,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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