Trash Day (Digimon Adventure Episode 44)

(If you missed part 43, check it out HERE. To go back to the beginning click HERE)

During last episode, Matt realized that his little brother T.K. is growing up and may not need his constant protection. He has seen all of his Digidestined partners grow and become ore complete and stronger persons as well over the course of their journey. But Matt himself feels as if he is “the same jerk I always was.” He believes that in order to grow and to change and to become a good friend worthy of the Crest of Friendship, he must go off on his own (with his Digimon partner Gabumon of course) to develop and grow.

Meanwhile, his friends are back in the forest looking for him. During their search, they are once again ambushed by Puppetmon’s goons, this time in the form of a seemingly-endless stream of Garbagemon. Lillymon and WarGreymon make short work of the first wave and the battle continues.

Matt finds himself near a small pond in the forest where a giant tree Digimon, Cherrymon, appears. The ancient forest dweller seems wise, but his wisdom has been co-opted by the forest’s new Dark Master Puppetmon, who has instructed Cherrymon to trick Matt into fighting Tai. Cherrymon’s Marlon Brando-esque vocal delivery makes him seem somewhat seedy and Gabumon distrusts him, but ultimately lets Matt decide whether he will listen to the tree Digimon or not. To become stronger and develop as a person, Matt must face his rival, Cherrymon argues. He can find the face of his rival in his own reflection in the pond, a mystical place where one’s true mission is revealed. The pond does not lie and is not trying to trick Matt like Cherrymon, but somehow Matt’s reflection still manifests as Tai’s image. Tai is really and truly the rival of Matt, but just what he should do in response to this new information is anything but decided upon.

The irony of being thew Digidestined with the Crest of Friendship is not lost on Matt, who only feels as if he is paternalistic to T.K., antagonistic with Tai, and ambivalent to the others. His only true friend through it all, seems to him to be Gabumon, who now professes his willingness to follow Matt in any decision he chooses. Unfortunately, Matt chooses to embrace his anger, challenge his rival, and attempt to grow as a person in the process, thereby controverting the value of friendship that the Digidestined quest stands for and ultimately playing into the hand of the Dark Master’s anti-foundationalist and chaotic message. Gabumon Warp Digivolves to MetalGarurumon and destroys a wave of Garbagemon before challenging Agumon to a battle and urging him to Digivolve quickly before MetalGarurumon destroys him totally in him weaker Rookie form.

The tensions that have been brewing between Tai and Matt have reached an absolute fever-pitch and a final confrontation seems inevitable. Can Matt realize how he has been manipulated before its too late and he destroys his classification as a Digidestined? Yes, the answer is yes. But just how this comes about, I am unsure. I forget what happens next you see. With that in mind, I’ll be back on Monday to continue this blog series.


Till then,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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