Etemon’s Comeback Tour (Digimon Adventure Episode 46)

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The Digidestined have splintered off into uneven groups with Matt going his own, Mimi and Joe staying behind to try and avoid fighting for a while, and the other five continuing their quest to battle the Dark Masters. In this episode, we see nothing of Matt and Gabumon’s current journey, but the other seven Digidestined have linked journey’s centered around Puppetmon.

The episode begins with Ogremon running from a group of angry Woodmon attempting to drain him of his lifeforce. Through this vignette we find that another enemy of the Digidestined is still running rampant in the Digital World. When a meteorite falls to the Digital Earth nearby, it destroys many of the adjacent Woodmon and sends Ogremon sprawling out over and into a deep canyon where he breaks his arm and is knocked out by the impact. Joe and Mimi find him, but instead of expressing vengeance and attacking their old adversary while he is incapacitated, they help him and Joe creates a splint for his arm. Ogremon is confused by these kind acts and thanks the Digidestined for their help.

Through this interaction, the Digidestined learn that although not always effective, sometimes kindness and positive regard are enough to convert enemies into friends. But it doesn’t hurt that they already defeated his boss Devimon thereby making him into a free agent once again. Ogremon pledges his loyalty to his new friends and has a pretty emotional moment of connection. He then tells them about the Ogremon moral code to help those who help him and unveils his life’s purpose: defeating Leomon. Mimi points out that this goal is somewhat paradoxical because if he defeats Leomon, then his reason for existence is gone, but she offers Ogremon no real alternative to his current goal and therefore gives no reason to give up his feud (if he gave that up, he would have no goal in life at all). That Ogremon gives himself a goal that includes a feud and a fight is not necessarily wrong insofar as Leomon gains meaning from the feud as well and the two can stave off the abyss of freedom and meaninglessness that coerces many toward idleness and potentially suicide.
Puppetmon appears and attacks Mimi and Joe, but the gang is saved by an unlikely figure: MetalEtemon. Though thought to have been destroyed for good, he was actually only drawn in a black hole. Over time, his force of will regathered the constituent parts of his body into a stronger form as a Mega Digimon before returning to Earth as the meteorite! He attacks Puppetmon so that he alone may have the chance to destroy the Digidestined and during the ensuing battle, Joe, Mimi, and Ogremon escape. Later, at the end of their arc in the episode, SaberLeomon appears from out of the brush. This new Mega form, which is currently unbeatable by the Champion-level Ogremon, may be a good reason to give up before he is beaten and his data is reconfigured or destroyed for good.

When the meteorite strikes, the five other Digidestined feel its impact from afar and are momentarily distracted by it. They shrug it off and begin planning a course of action. T.K., Kari, and Izzy all vote that the group sojourn to Puppetmon’s mansion to take out the diminutive Dark Master while he least expects it. Tai knows he must protect T.K. and his little sister Kari as well, and as such is hesitant to go on this dangerous mission, but eventually acquiesces to their desires. When they approach Puppetmon’s mansion, they find Floramon and Deramon outside and quickly realize that they are not guarding the place, but merely hanging out. Puppetmon forced them to be his playpals in the mansion and as such, Deramon and Floramon have no qualms showing the Digidestined around the grounds and interior of the hideout before eventually aiding them in their fight against Puppetmon by launching cannonballs at him from a second-story window.

The Episode ends with little having been accomplished thus far. However, the arrival of MetalEtemon and SaberLeomon on the scene is the perfect set-up for a battle between Megas, and hopefully put an end to MetalEtemon’s inane Tarzan yodeling and branch swinging once and for all.



The Digidestined Cody

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