My Sister’s Keeper (Digimon Adventure Episode 48)

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Whereas the past dozen or so episodes of the series have been entangled complex plots where the Digidestined are off doing different things toward the same end goals, now we finally gain a bit of a reprieve. Matt is off on his own doing his personal quest thing while Joe and Mimi are travelling around with Ogremon, Otamamon, and Gekomon. The other five Digidestined kids are travelling together in this episode and are once again in the Digital desert.

As the sun beats down on their heads from above, the Digidestined trudge along. But Kari is steadily falling behind and looks like she may be dehydrated or feverish. She eventually passes out along the sands. Her big brother Tai picks her up and places her below a nearby bus terminal where she can rest in the shade. He is mortified and feels as if he has failed as a big brother because of his inability to keep her safe. He asks her why she didn’t say anything before to alert them to her condition to which she replies that she didn’t want to be a burden on the group and slow them down. This pulls on Tai’s heartstrings and only makes him feel worse about the whole situation. He then remembers a time long ago when Kari fell ill and seems upset about these flashbacks, but we as viewers are not yet privy to why.

Meanwhile, there is a very minor part of this scene that is incidental but important. T.K. looks down momentarily at Kari and he seems extremely distraught. As the only other Digidestined around his age in the group, the two have begun to form a bond that will only grow stronger over time and make them inseparable friends down the road. T.K’s fears that Kari is mortally ill, and the emotional panic this instills in him, will later manifest in his gungho mentality toward helping out in this episode.

As the gang renews their travels, they find a large city in the distance. As they approach, it looks much like New York city, but with other odd monuments thrown in like the L’Arc de Triomphe a Paris and the Roman Coliseum. Tai decides to go off into the city to find a hospital where he can collect medicine for Kari. T.K. expresses his interest to go and help Kari as well, but Tai convinces him to stay and protect her with Sora in a gambit to make sure that he (Tai) isn’t putting Matt’s little brother in any undo danger.

As they venture into the city, Izzy plugs his laptop into a phone booth terminal to access a map of the city. They find that there are a dozen hospitals in the region. Unbeknownst to them, The Dark Master Machinedramon rules this city and has a series of Hagurumon hackers monitoring all network access points. His goons, the Mekanorimon, Tankmon, Gigadramon, and Megadramon, assemble and seek out T.K. and Tai who notice the army quickly and attempt to escape. Unfortunately, they use the network again to find a good route out and immediately alert Machinedramon to their location. Once Izzy figures out that they have been traced, there is a huge force right on their trail. But luckily he knows how to mask their access point with a little bit of hacking and manages to place their access point marker at dozens of place simultaneously.

Tai and Izzy return to the house where Sora, T.K. and Kari are awaiting their return with the much-needed aspirin to reduce Kari’s fever when Machinedramon himself appears and destroys the building! T.K. has been taking his duties of protecting Kari seriously however and managed to preemptively escape the building and hide out in a neighboring shrubbery. Now, the battle with the 3rd Dark Master is under way, but this time with powerful lackeys in the form of Gigadramon and Megadramon, as well as the added complication of having to ensure that Kari is safe throughout.

Oh yeah, and as for the flashbacks Tai was having, it is revealed that years ago, Kari was sick and staying home. Tai wanted to go play football in the park, but had a responsibility to watch over his sister. He decided that he would bring her with him and let her play too, but she had a weak constitution and the exertion exacerbated her sickness and ambulances had to be called. His mother chided him pretty harshly over his actions, but he learned a powerful lesson about being a good brother and was from on more capable in handling such situations. This experience seems formative for Tai, not as the holder of the Crest of Courage, but as the de facto leader of the Digidestined who must always think hard about how best to keep his friends safe.


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The Digidestined Cody

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