Big Trouble in Little Edo (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 15)

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This episode begins with a bit of domestic life in the households of Davis and Yolei. While Davis’s parents watch TV in the living room with the volume on full blast, Davis and Veemon take a bath and goof off. June thinks she hears voices coming from the room, but investigates no further as she believes that her family, and especially Davis, are probably just crazy. Yolei watches TV as well in her own home, but her bedtime has arrived and her father takes the remote, while her brother runs around the house drying off his hair after he himself has just taken a shower.

These moments of domesticity and normalcy could work as a counterpoint to the crazier and zanier aspects of life for the Digidestined if they were contrasted well, but life in the Digital World, though quirky and often dangerous, is often portrayed as pretty stable and uninteresting as well. This is especially obvious in Episode 14 when the gang go to the Digital World to find a new Digi-Egg, but spend half of the time eating in Digitamamon’s diner and hanging out with Mimi and the American Digidestined Michael. Instead of providing some overarching point about the series or heightening the tone, the opening scenes of Episode 1 are merely vignettes to fill time, which is okay in and of itself.

Back in the Digital World, Ken has set up a Control Spire within the town of ShogunGekomon. He and his Gekomon and Otamamon servants and friends are trying to reclaim their territory and send out an alert for help. When the Digidestined investigate, they find that most of the Digital World has now been taken over by Ken and his Control Spires and that now, he is about to send out Dark Spirals through ShogunGekomon’s town, which is heavily populated. Once the Digidestined kids arrive, they find the town infested by Dark Spiral enslaved Floramon and Mushroomon who are relative pushovers as mere rookies. But there is a powerful Champion in the form of Ninjamon who challenges Yolei’s partner Shurimon to Ninja vs. Samurai duel. Though Shurimon destroys the Dark Spiral on Ninjamon, the two fight on for the honor of the win. Shurimon proves more powerful and destroys Ninjamon’s sword and Ninjamon escapes, all the while looking forward to fighting Shurimon once more in the future.

Before the battle, Ninjamon managed to sneak into ShogunGekomon’s palace and place a Dark Spiral on the Ultimate-level Digimon. ShogunGekomon is a big clumsy Digimon who manages to destroy his own master’s Control Spire whilst fighting the Digidestined (an event that runs throughout these first episodes and has by this point become something of a tired cliche). Together, Raidramon, Nefertimon, Pegasusmon, and Digmon fight ShogunGekomon and dissolve his Dark Spiral without too much trouble, leaving the city free once more. Numerous Digimon are freed from their Dark Spirals and I would normally give a tally of how many have been freed thus far. Unfortunately, there is no way to count all of the individuals affected in this town and the jig is up. I’ve lost count.

Anyway, Ken seems totally unconcerned by the loss of this town and implies to Wormmon that the Digidestined are playing into his hand perfectly. How this is so we currently do not know, but will hopefully find out in the next episode. And hopefully, this series arc wherein the Digidestined free Digimon, but overall Ken gains more control, and in the process the DigidestinedĀ  find all of their new Digi-Eggs, will come to a quick close, and soon.



The Digidestined Cody

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