20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 16)

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The Digidestined are trapped in an underwater oil rig tower. The sections above them have been flooded and a Dark Ring enslaved MegaSeadramon roams around the waters outside, ever threatening to attack them if they manage to escape or, even worse, to destroy the entire tower. The gang were tracking down a new Digi-Egg, which led them to this tower, but they have been unable to find it so far and Cody seems especially freaked out by the experience as would many others: trapped in the vast expanse of the sea with little hope of ever stepping on dry land again. The dark depths and threatening presence of unknown creatures and forces always looming over one just like phantoms of malaise and aporia loom over our unconscious minds, ready to erupt at any moment and destroy our sense of comfort and complacency in the world.

T.K. finds an emergency ejection vehicle in a closet within the tower. There’s another problem, however, it is only big enough for one person. Because Cody is so scared of the ocean and being trapped in this confined space, Kari and Yolei decide that he should be the one to escape and to go find Joe back in the Real World as his partner Ikkakumon is the only¬†Digidestined Digimon they know (besides Michael’s partner Betamon in America) who could help them out in this bind. Cody is being stubborn though and decides that he doesn’t want to go just because he feels like the others are making fun of him for being scared. Yolei then devises a plan to have everyone draw straws to see who will go. the person who pulls the red straw is the chosen one to pilot the escape vehicle. She of course, rigs the system and makes all of the straws have red ends, then makes Cody the first to choose. When he pulls a red straw, he knocks the others out of her hand, thereby revealing the trick and then becoming more stubborn than ever in his unwillingness to leave. Luckily Davis and T.K. are there to force Cody into the pod.

Once Cody escapes from MegaSeadramon in his capsule, he surfaces and makes his way to Real World. He then proceeds to go back home to his apartment in the Odaiba T.D.W. complex, where he finds his phone book and calls Joe. Joe’s phone goes to voicemail, so Cody goes to his school, but not before bumping into his own mother and grandfather in his apartment complex elevator. His mother asks him to run some errands, but Cody says he is too busy. When asked what with, Cody says that he cannot tell her what he is doing. His mother presses him further, but then Cody’s grandfather advises her that if Cody cannot tell her the truth about what he is doing, then he will be forced to lie, and nothing is worse than lying. Cody thanks his grandfather and then runs off to Joe’s school.

Once there, he finds that Joe is in class taking an exam. The proctor will not let Joe leave class unless there is an emergency, and there is, but not one that Cody could explain reasonably to the proctor. So, he lies and tells the man that Joe’s father is in critical condition. This ‘white lie’ allows the proctor to call Joe out of class and Joe is relieved to learn that his father is actually okay, but also relieved to know that Cody did the right thing in getting him out of class. Joe calls up Izzy before entering the Digital World and tells him to call on an old friend who turns out to be Whamon who then breaks into the oil rig tower with Joe and Cody in tow (uh, in stomach) while Ikkakumon distracts MegaSeadramon outside.

While Cody was gone, T.K. was busy digging within the oil rig tower where he eventually unearthed the Digi-Egg they had been searching for all along. Once Cody arrives, he prods him to pick it up as everyone else has already tried it and failed to lift the chosen Digi-Egg. Cody is still being stubborn and reveals his unwillingness to pick up the Digi-Egg as it was the object that brought them down there and into danger in the first place. When the Crest associated with the Digi-Egg is revealed as the Crest of Reliability, Cody is doubly against picking it up, as he believes he is not reliable due to the lie he told the proctor back at Joe’s school. He took to heart his Grandfather’s message about lying being always wrong, but fortunately has the sage wisdom of the original holder of Crest of Reliability right there in Joe. Joe explains that sometimes a lie can be used to actually help people, and that in this case Cody’s small lie allowed him to get Joe out of class and to save the lives of his Digidestined friends. Furthermore, Joe explains that he will be more than happy to go and explain what happened to Cody’s grandfather to show him that sometimes a lie can help others.

This explanation brings tears to Cody’s eyes and he decides to pick up the Digi-Egg, which allows Armadillomon to Digi Armor Energize into Submarimon, “The Guardian of the Seas”. The others escape inside Whamon as Cody takes to the control panel of Submarimon’s mecha-like interior. He and Ikkakumon then work in tandem to destroy the Dark Spiral controlling MegaSeadramon (an important point to note is that Ken’s Dark Spirals have seemingly gotten much more powerful as they can now control such a strong Mega level Digimon). As Cody and Submarimon explore a coral reef alongside Gomamon in an attempt to show Cody the beauty of the seas and to demonstrate that the ocean can be a beautiful place, Ken is scheming with Wormmon about his secret plan, which he has not unveiled as of yet, but seemingly into which the Digidestined are playing hook, line, and sinker.



The Digidestined Cody

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