Run Yolei Run (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 18)

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The Digidestined, and Izzy, are scouting out an area within the Digital World that has produced dozens of Control Spires. There is an odd base in the centre of a large valley and Dark Ring and Spiral enslaved Champion level Digimon like Tuskmon and Kuwagumon are battling against free DarkTyrannomon in an effort to collect more slaves for the Digimon Emperor’s burgeoning army. While the Digidestined watch the events below from a hidden vantage point, a Kuwagumon appears behind them and attacks. Digmon defends the gang while they make their escape away from the canyon and what could be life-threatening danger if they were caught (they don’t have the muscle to fight hundreds of Champion-level Digimon). Ken passes above the group during their retreat, this time no longer on the back of an Airdramon, but instead on a Devidramon mount: still of a Champion-level, but now a significantly larger, more naturally evil Digimon species.

Once the gang has reached an area far enough away from the Control Spires and Digmon has disposed of his Kuwagumon roadblock, Tentomon finally Digivolves into Kabuterimon (for the first time in Digimon Adventure 02), Digmon De-Digivolves back into Armadillomon, and the gang hop on Kabuterimon’s back to retreat.

Once back in the Real World in Tai’s bedroom, everyone endeavors to destroy the base as fast as possible, but realize that doing so will take some careful planning. Izzy analyzes the Digital landscape and finds that Ken has been creating lines of Control Spires instead of blocks of them in an attempt to block all natural Digivolution throughout the entire Digital World. This strategy makes it even more difficult for the Digidestined to overwhelm Ken with sheer power as the 6 older ex-Digidestined can no longer Digivolve anywhere in the Digital World if the gambit works. Worse yet, the plan to take out Ken’s base will likely take more than just one day, but the Digidestined have school through the week and can’t just disappear on the weekends. Tai decides that everyone should plan to go on a camping trip together and the younger kids should leave for the Digital World before the trip. This plan gives them an alibi for the time they won’t be around in the Real World.

As the gang heads out for the weekend, June Motomiya, Davis’ older sister, begs Davis to go along on the trip so she can hang out with Matt. Davis tries to let her down easy about the whole thing, but June’s stubbornness gets the best of her and she arrives outside of Matt’s house to join them on their trip. Matt tricks June into closing her eyes so he can ostensibly give her a present, and while she is waiting, he advises his father to drive away in the van. Poor June won’t catch another break in the episode as she still tries her best to make it to the campsite. She misses the local bus that heads in that direction and when she later enlists the help of her grandparents in driving her to the campsite, she finds that no one is there and Matt and Davis gave her the wrong the campsite name on purpose to keep her away. This could all be pretty tragic and mean spirited if not for June’s gullible nature and her belief that Matt might still actually like her and just gave her the wrong address.

The Digidestined return to the Digital World once more, but find that the Emperor’s base is gone. Yolei begins acting really gung-ho about the situation and whimsically climbs on top of an active Control Spire to see if the base flew away. She runs about scouting out the local area and eventually her behavior lands her in trouble when she climbs down into a cavern using a rope and finds herself face to face with a Dokugumon. Flamedramon appears in the nick of time and defeats the beast, but not before Hawkmon is injured trying to keep Yolei safe. Yolei rightly blames herself for not working together with the others as a team and asks the others to leave without her while she helps Hawkmon heal. Kari and Gatomon likewise stay behind to help Hawkmon whilst the guys head off in search of Ken’s base. A base that later appears in the sky above the canyon the group searched earlier, a base within which Ken and Wormmon are working in a computer program to create a Chimera Digimon using elements and features of Kabuterimon, Garurumon, and many other Digimon. A design that will not bode well for the Digidestined during the next few episodes.



The Digidestined Cody

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