A Chance Encounter (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 33)

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Yolei is in Kyoto on a school trip. We are shown of montage of places she has visited while there including Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu-dera, and a traditional Zen temple that is less easy to identify, but may be Nanzen-ji. She had to leave behind Poromon with Izzy back in Tokyo because his presence during the trip might give her Yolei away as a Digidestined or bring undue scrutiny upon her and make the trip more difficult than it has to be.

Back at Izzy’s place, Ken discusses many matters with him. They discuss how the mind and the will and the subconscious can all have effects on the reconfiguration of data within the Digital World. This is why the clothing of Davis, Yolei, and Cody changes when they enter the Digital World in a way that corresponds to their cool self-concepts. When the young depressed Ken entered the Digital World after his brother Sam’s death, his traditional Digivice changed aspect and function into the more powerful, more complex D-3 that gave him the power to manipulate the Digital World and its denizens. This was due to evil subconscious urges that Ken harbored at the time.

Likewise, when Kari and T.K. could no longer Digivolve with their traditional Digivices due to the effect of Ken’s black D-3 and the Control Spires, they needed a tool to circumvent this problem. Consequently their old Digivices changed into more complex D-3s to match Ken’s power and to keep up with their Digidestined friends Davis, Cody, and Yolei who were gifted with D-3s at the very outset. Ken and Izzy then talk shop and discuss the power of the mind to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems and discuss the mentalist psychology texts they have read (all fictional) like Singvoid’s ‘Theory of Ultimate Brainpower,’ Tissaro’s ‘Strengthening Your Mind’, and Korsky’s ‘My Buddy My Brain.’ Izzy then expresses his delight in Ken’s intellect as the only other Digidestined he has met on the same intellectual level. This exclamation interests Ken who asks how many other Digidestined are around. Izzy explains that there are Digidestined worldwide who saw Digimon interfere in the world when they were children. This led to the children growing up to become Digidestined. We do not yet learn what Ken’s first experience seeing a Digimon was in this vignette.

Poromon sits in the corner and seems to have been growing weaker and more tired the longer that Yolei has been away from him. Because he is so exhausted an tired, Ken decides to bring him into the Digital World to regain his strength and vivacity, and to meet up with the other Digidestined (minus Yolei) who are attempting to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying any more Destiny Stones. Rather unsuccessfully I might add. The faux Digimon has decided to follow the orders of Arukenimon and Mummymon in an effort to shut out his conscious mind and the emotions that have been plaguing him.

Back in Kyoto, Yolei is buying souvenirs for her friends when she sees a distortion in the sky above otherwise invisible to her classmates and everyone else around. After BlackWarGreymon destroyed the second Destiny Stone, he seems to have entered the Dark Ocean and is travelling through it to Kyoto with a group of similarly lost Digimon. One of these Digimon splits from the group and materializes as more than a shadow, becoming Apemon who proceeds to try to wreck the city. He happens upon a film crew that registers his distortion on camera and then sees him in real life. Apemon attacks, but Ken and Stingmon show up through a portal from the Digital World just in time and manage to defeat and restrain him, hand off Poromon to Yolei, and disappear back into the Digital World where they return Apemon to a place where he will no longer threaten human safety.

One of the people in the film crew recognizes Yolei and asks her if Poromon is a Digimon. She answers in the affirmative, but is careful not to be too friendly with the stranger and his young camera assistant. Luckily, they turn out to be Professor Takenouchi (Sora’s father) and Jim Kido (Joe’s brother). It turns out that Jim decided not to go ahead and become a doctor after all. He studies folklore, and apparently cryptozoology, with Professor Takenouchi at a University in Kyoto. The Prof explains that Kyoto is a spiritual core of Japan and that it was chosen as the country’s original capital due to its strong psychic-spiritual attributes. In the North, the city was guarded by Genbu the turtle god from the mountains (probably Mt. Hiei or Kurama). From the East, by Seiryu the Dragon from the river (the Kamogawa). From the South, by Suzaku the Phoenix from the lake (Lake Biwa). And from the West, by Byakko the Tiger from the road (which road I’m not sure. The only major road of huge historical significance around Kyoto is the Tokaido road that went to Edo [Tokyo]. But that’s to the East).

We will later learn that these spiritual guardians correspond to the four Holy Beasts of the Digital World that protect it and were installed by the five original Digidestined after their historical battle against the original Dark Masters. Around the city of Kyoto, there is also a ring of powerful temples that Professor Takenouchi believes help to protect the city from evil spirits. But there is a double-edged sword in all of this. The city is a centre of spiritual power that is close to the spirit world and to all parallel worlds (like the Digital World), which means that it is easier for evil spirits, and Digimon, to cross over here in times of turmoil when the city isn’t protected as well as in the past. The distortions and presence of these Digimon must be linked to the destruction of the Destiny Stones back in the Digital World.

Professor Takenouchi and Jim Kido also believe that the Digimon are probably the basis for myths of legendary creatures (which makes no sense as the Digital World was created as an offshoot of the real world only in the early 20th century when the first computers were created to generate the new worlds- computers like ENIAC and Atanasoff). In effect, he believes that Digimon are akin to the Yokai of Japanese Shinto myth. As the three continue discussing these matters and driving around Kyoto following BlackWarGreymon’s entourage of Dark Ocean pals, one of them splits off from the group and his shadow manifests itself as Musyamon, a Champion-level samurai Digimon. Yolei Digivolves Poromon to Hawkmon, and then Armor Digivolves him into Shurimon for a quick digital samurai duel, then opens a Digi-port using Professor Takenouchi’s laptop and her D-3, which Shurimon then launches Musyamon into. The rest of BlackWarGreymon’s entourage disappear and return to the Digital World as the Prof returns Yolei back to her teacher and classmates at Kiyomizu-dera.

Back in the Digital World, ExVeemon, Ankylomon, Pegasusmon, and Nefertimon have been fighting Mummymon and Arukenimon. After Ken defeated Apemon and returned him to the Digital World, he then joined the group and Stingmon DNA Digivolved with ExVeemon into Paildramon, but just when they are on the cusp of defeating their foes, BlackWarGreymon returns and the two humanoid Ultimates drive off in their convertible in pursuit of him. They have destroyed two Destiny Stones with BlackWarGreymon’s help and now have only five more to go before they are finally able to throw the balance into to total chaos.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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