Destiny in Doubt (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 34)

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As BlackWarGreymon continues his pursuit of the Destiny Stones and Arukenimon and Mummymon continue their pursuit of him, the Digidestined discuss the difficult situation amongst themselves in the computer lab back in the Real World. Kari theorizes that just as the Digital World and the Real World exist on different planes of existence, but are parallel, so too is the Dark Ocean a parallel world between the two. T.K. adds in that there must be many other parallel worlds as well. Each is represented on the computer screen by a different color that makes up a rainbow band of all colors and all possible planes of existence. When the Destiny Stones are destroyed, the balance is thrown off kilter and the planes are put off kilter until they mix into one another and become impossible to differentiate from one another. The result of the mixing of all colors of the rainbow is the resultant black representing the darkness and destruction that would befall them all if the balance became totally destroyed.

Izzy makes an appearance in the computer lab and explains that he has created a new app for the Digidestined’ D-Terminals that allows them to track warps in the digital plane. As BlackWarGreymon has destroyed many Destiny Stones, he himself is a point on the grid that registers as a warping influence. Therefore, using this new app, the group should be able to track down BlackWarGreymon with no problem. The Digidestined open a Digi-port and enter the Digital World, follow BlackWarGreymon’s signal to the third Destiny Stone, but are not able to make it there before him. He destroys the stone, which releases a hologram vision of a large serpent/dragon-like Digimon writhing in chains. BlackWarGreymon doesn’t know it now, but this is one of the four Holy Beasts, the Digimon Sovereigns that protect the Digital World. BlackWarGreymon takes this massive Digimon as his destined foe and attempts to fight him, but the hologram disappears from view, throwing BlackWarGreymon into a rage and a flight toward the next stone.

The Digidestined (now a term for the first time always denoting Kari, T.K., Davis, Yolei, and Cody as usual, but now Ken as well) arrive late to find the Destiny Stone destroyed. T.K. is really angry about this turn of events and at their inability to stop the Mega-level BlackWarGreymon. Cody recognizes T.K.’s extreme anger and wonders whether T.K. has two sides to his personality: the rational kind T.K. and the aggressive and irrational T.K. whose rage is uncontrollable (the rage that once caused him to lash out and punch Ken when he was the Digimon Emperor even though his foe held a whip and was hurting T.K. in the process). Cody understands that the two of them must DNA Digivolve their Digimon together in the future and that when it happens, not only will Ankylomon and Angemon have to fuse, but so too will the hearts of T.K. and Cody. As such, Cody has a intense desire to better understand T.K.

Time to track down the fourth Destiny Stone. The group meets at a mountain range where the stone is said to be located. They split off into groups. Ken and Davis, Kari and Yolei, and T.K. and Cody. Gabumon shows up too as this is his area to protect. He speaks with T.K. and Cody and tells them that he has spoken with Agumon who assures him that BlackWarGreymon asked him some pretty deep, soul-searching questions, that he is really just a lost and confused Digimon, and that he does indeed have a heart. T.K. doesn’t care. He has decided already that even if BlackWarGreymon has a heart like natural Digimon not created from Control Spires that BlackWarGreymon has allowed darkness to take hold of his heart and is therefore a threat that must be put down, with prejudice.

As BlackWarGreymon approaches the Destiny Stone, Davis and Ken DNA Digivolve ExVeemon and Stingmon into Paildramon and Kari and Yolei DNA Digivolve Gatomon and Aquilamon into Silphymon who begin to fight off the faux-Digimon. Arukenimon and Mummymon are nearby however and use their powers as Ultimate-level Digimon to distract Paildramon and Silphymon in an attempt to give BlackWarGreymon an opening to attack the stone. T.K. and Cody show up last minute and Digivolve Armadillomon into Ankylomon and Patamon into Angemon. The two Champions then try in vain to stop the Mega-level aggressor. As Angemon is in BlackWarGreymon’s grip and looks set for destruction, T.K. has a flashback to when Angemon sacrificed himself to destroy Devimon all those years ago. The source of T.K.’s intense anger at evil is revealed to us, the viewers, as anxiety over losing his friend once more. Though Cody is still in the dark about why T.K. is so easy to anger when it comes to BlackWarGreymon, who like Devimon and Kimeramon, destroyed Digimon without a second thought or seemingly a moral impulse to give them pause.

BlackWarGreymon throws Angemon off and into the Destiny Stone, which alights and somehow, momentarily gives Angemon the power to Digivolve into the Ultimate-level MagnaAngemon. He uses his gate of Destiny attack almost draws in BlackWarGreymon, defeating him once and for all, but at the last second BlackWarGreymon uses his Terra Destroyer attack to destroy the Destiny Stone, which depletes MagnaAngemon’s energy and forces him to de-Digivolve back into Patamon. The Holy Beast hologram appears once more, writhes around for a moment, and disappears. Four Destiny Stones have been destroyed and three are left. As BlackWarGreymon again leaves in anger and rushes headlong toward the next Destiny Stone, Arukenimon and Mummymon give chase. But something has been accomplished after all. Although Cody doesn’t know the reasoning behind T.K.’s anger and intense anxiety regarding evil, he is coming closer to understanding him. And the two are becoming closer generally speaking as they face more and more challenges together.



The Digidestined Cody

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