Cody Takes A Stand (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 35)

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Arukenimon and Mummymon are in the frosty forest terrorizing a group of Mojyamon in an attempt to force the Digimon to tell them where the fifth Destiny Stone is hidden. This time around, the Digidestined were able to get there first and have helped to hide the stone beneath a mound of snow. They jump into action as Paildramon and Silphymon attack and attempt to fight off the two Ultimate-level Digimon. Then, BlackWarGreymon shows up and using his innate senses to track where the Destiny Stone is hidden (an ability which is still as of yet unexplained, but surely works off of some deep, complex logical process), he uncovers the stone and destroys his quarry. The Holy Beast is once again unveiled as a hologram, and like always, quickly disappears. BlackWarGreymon runs off to find the next stone, Arukenimon and Mummymon follow him, and the Digidestined return back to the Real World to give their Digimon time to rest and to give themselves time to come up with a new plan of defense.

Once the group has returned, T.K. explains his anger at the situation, but follows it up with a resolve to continue fighting and a belief that they can succeed. The rest of the group don’t acknowledge his outbursts, look visibly awkward about the whole situation, and seem to be demoralized at this point as even if T.K. and Cody could help out in the fight by DNA Digivolving their three Ultimates would still be no match for Arukenimon and Mummymon, and the Mega-level BlackWarGreymon. As Ken begins to head home, Davis catches his attention and asks him if he wants to come over to his house to hang out and to eat dinner with his family. Yolei and Kari also express interest in coming by to hang out (but ultimately don’t show up and instead spend the night hanging out together instead), but T.K. says he already has plans for the night and Cody says likewise (though whether either of them do have plans is suspect). All the same, it is cool to see Davis and Ken start to bond and become closer friends during this episode. Ken even spends the night at Davis’ house: something he hadn’t done since his friendship with Ryo Akiyama years prior, and then he didn’t have a black gear stuck inside of his body.

That night, while Cody and Ken, and Yolei and Kari, are becoming closer to one another, Cody also attempts to get to know his would-be DNA Digivolution partner T.K. He visits T.K.’s older brother Matt during band practice and asks him if there was an event in T.K.’s past that can explain why he gets so worked up about evil Digimon like he did with Kimeramon in the past and is currently doing with BlackWarGreymon. Matt tells Cody all about the time that T.K. lost Angemon during his battle with Devimon in Adventure 01. Because he was so young, and because the gang knew nothing at the time about how Digimon reincarnate as eggs in the Primary Village, he was traumatized by the event. This explains his anxieties over losing Patamon once again. Cody reasons that Ken may feel just the same way because of his loss of Wormmon at the end of Ken’s stint as Digimon Emperor. The talk is a success for Cody who has surreptitiously learned more about T.K.

As he and Upamon head back home, they discuss the conversation and what they have learned. but they also talk about BlackWarGreymon and how he is probably just a worried soul, a person who was born without an express purpose but who understands that he was born strong. Consequently, he has made fighting his purpose. But he still has a heart and emotions and is therefore not beyond redemption. Back at Matt’s practice, the jam session has ended and Matt has called T.K. to tell him about the conversation with Cody. T.K. seems a bit pissed off that Cody would go behind his back to ask Matt about problems he could ask T.K. himself, but also seems to get why Cody would try and gain this information surreptitiously with how T.K.’s been acting lately.

Back in the Digital World, BlackWarGreymon is having fun knocking down Control Spires and angering Arukenimon while looking for the sixth Destiny Stone. He eventually reaches a canyon where he is able to jump across and lose Arukenimon and Mummymon who have been trailing him for miles. They could presumably just across to continue tracking him, but they would have to leave behind their convertible to do so and would risk losing some of their sense of style.

The morning has arrived in the Real World, and the Digimon are back to top form and raring to go. Ikkakumon has found the sixth Destiny Stone below the ocean and is protecting it with MegaSeadramon and a large pod of Dolphmon, Champion-level cetacean Digimon. When the Digidestined arrive, Cody joins the undersea crew from the control panel of Submarimon. When BlackWarGreymon approaches, Paildramon, Silphymon, and Angemon try to head him off unsuccessfully as the Mega menace bypasses them completely and heads straight into the water toward the Destiny Stone. There, Submarimon and the others manage to corral their forces ably and knock BlackWarGreymon back into the open air where he is then attacked again by Paildramon and the others. At this point, he loses his temper of use his Terra Force attack to split the sea like that old myth of Moses and Red Sea, but finds that Cody is on the ocean floor standing in his way. Cody shows his courage by trying to talk BlackWarGreymon out of destroying the stone. BlackWarGreymon explains that he can only face the Holy Beast if he destroys all of the stones to which Cody replies that he therefore shouldn’t destroy the stones, should get over this fighting kick, and stop trying to throw the Digital World out of balance.

Though BlackWarGreymon is hesitant to destroy Cody because of the emotional impulses and moral sense telling him it would be wrong to do so, he manages to overcome these feelings and tries to attack him anyway. Angemon saves Cody and Armadillomon from the attack the last moment , BlackWarGreymon refocuses his rage toward the Destiny Stone, crushes it with his Black Tornado attack, and leaves once again to find the next stone: which is coincidentally also the final Destiny Stone, which will unleash Azulongmon but also throw the world into chaos. Oddly enough, this time around Azulongmon did not appear after the stone’s destruction: a fact that I can find no real explanation for. At any rate, the episode ends as Cody and T.K. stand along the beach by the seafloor where they were once again unable to stop BlackWarGreymon. Both are more resolved than ever in their hatred of evil and their belief that BlackWarGreymon might not be able to be reached emotionally or rationally at this point, and that force may be necessary to stop him for good. And both seem closer emotionally to one another through their ideological alignment than ever before.



The Digidestined Cody

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