Stone Soup (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 36)

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There is just one Destiny Stone left to destroy (uh… I mean protect. yeah, protect) and Kari, Davis, Yolei, and T.K. rush to the computer lab after class to open the Digi-port to track it down. Cody arrives just a minute late after finishing dishes duty in the school cafeteria. Ken would be joining the team, but is busy studying for an exam and will join them as soon as possible in the Digital World.

BlackWarGreymon, meanwhile, is destroying a factory in the Digital World for some indiscernible reason and it seems that for a faux Digimon who supposedly has the ability to sense the location of Destiny Stones, he is doing a relatively poor job of finding this last one. Arukenimon and Mummymon have managed to catch up to him once again in their convertible for some reason or other. They can no longer influence BlackWarGreymon as he has constantly made them aware that he will not take orders or even suggestions from weaklings like them. The second problem is that whenever they approach the Mega-level menace, he attacks them and is a real threat to their well-being, and while Mummymon may be something of a masochist (at least in his relationship with Arukenimon), Arukenimon is no irrational actor to continually take a beating for no reason. Or at least one would think this is true.

This time, when BlackWarGreymon notices them, he uproots a metal cable tower from its terrestrial concrete moorings and almost smashes their convertible with the oversized bludgeon. They manage to drive away unscathed and find themselves inexplicably near an outer perimeter earthen wall of a digital Chinatown where the smell of ramen, udon, and soba (or ‘soup’ as the English dub would have it) emanates from a restaurant within. Arukenimon and Mummymon enter the shop and find it is run by Digitamamon with help from waiter/server Tapirmon. Just as the food in Digitamamon’s previous two restaurants has been of exceptional quality, so too is the food here top notch. But the broth base for the ramen is a secret recipe that Digitamamon will not unveil to Mummymon, which gets him pretty hot and brings on some misplaced righteous indignation on his part.

Back to the Digidestined, they have finally entered the Digital World and somehow manage to find themselves outside of the digital Chinatown as well. As Yolei and Kari chitchat and continue to bond as DNA Digivolution partner Digidestined, so too do T.K. and Cody, really for the first time in the series. Everyone in the group smells the food coming from Digitamamon’s restaurant and are immediately drawn to it, everyone except Cody that is. He’s incensed that they would could think about eating at a time when they should be out searching for the Destiny Stone. Luckily Cody is learning to control his anger and to lighten up a bit. He recognizes that the reason he and T.K. have not yet been able to DNA Digivolve their Digimon is because he is too serious all of the time, too high-strung.

As he enters the restaurant with his friends, they immediately come face to face with their nemeses Arukenimon and Mummymon. The two groups muscle up in a sequence that takes around two and half minutes (or roughly 11% of the episode’s total length). Veemon Digivolves to ExVeemon, and his friends to Aquilamon, Ankylomon, Angemon, and Nefertimon. Arukenimon and Mummymon change from their humanoid forms to their Spider and Mummy forms (a change which is as of yet unexplained in the series, but is referred to as a form of Digivolution later in this episode when they change back to their humanoid forms). Nefertimon has wasted her time Digivolving as she just De-Digivolves back to Gatomon moments later and tries to DNA Digivolve with Aquilamon into Silphymon, but ultimately fails due to lack of energy (they have not eaten yet). They try to DNA Digivolve again for good measure, then for some reason Arukenimon and Mummymon turn back to their normal humanoid forms (against their wills- some force prevents them from remaining as regular Ultimates) and run away from the restaurant.

Digitamamon and Tapirmon also ran away from the restaurant during the battle for as yet unknown reasons. Ken and Stingmon arrive at the end of this wacky side-adventure just in time to see everyone, except for his fellow Digidestined, vacating the scene. He suggests that they run after them and fight them, but Cody pipes up and says that it would be a waste of time and that they should instead eat together as a group in the restaurant to restore their Digimon’s energy, then run off to find the Destiny Stone. They follow his advice, take over the vacant kitchen and cook their own ramen, then eat as a group before heading out to fulfill their real mission. And Cody, the recipient Joe’s old Crest of Reliability, has proved himself not be such a stick in the mud after all.

In a nearby bamboo grove, Arukenimon and Mummymon’s convertible breaks down. Mummymon believes the problem is the radiator, which has overheated. The two run off to find water and hear droplets of it falling somewhere nearby. Following the sound leads them to a ramen broth pond (wth right?), which is guarded by Digitamamon and Tapirmon. The two are quickly incapacitated by Mummymon (even though Digitamamon is likewise an Ultimate-level Digimon) who then proceeds to drink the broth directly from the pond. Suddenly, a Destiny Stone rises from the pond, pulling Mummymon up into the air with it. He accidentally pulls off the golden seal ring from the stone and falls into the pond and when he emerges, BlackWarGreymon has arrived. He attacks Mummymon and Arukenimon with a Terra Force attack, which doesn’t destroy them and instead whimsically explodes under them, catapulting the duo into the air and off into the horizon exactly like Pokemon’s fun-loving antagonists Jesse and James.

The Digidestined arrive before BlackWarGreymon manages to damage the final Destiny Stone. First Paildramon, then Silphymon generate themselves through DNA Digivolution. Finally, Cody and T.K. give it their first try and succeed in DNA Digivolving their Down Digimon partners Ankylomon and Angemon, for the first time, into the defensive titan Shakkoumon. But will three Ultimate-level Digimon, even the stronger-than-average products of DNA Digivolution, be enough to stop the Mega-level BlackWarGreymon, a Digimon created for the sole purpose of fighting?


I can’t remember,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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