Kyoto Dragon (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 37)

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Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon are beginning their assault against BlackWarGreymon to protect the final Destiny Stone. When BlackWarGreymon launches his Terra Destroyer attack toward the three Ultimate-level Digimon the end looks pretty near on nigh, but it turns out that Shakkoumon really is the defensive titan he purports to be. He is able to absorb the attack and fire back the energy right back at BlackWarGreymon while Silphymon and Paildramon pound the faux Digimon with their own attacks. Eventually, BlackWarGreymon’s shield is cracked, his armor horrendously dented, and his body spewing noxious oil like blood.

Just when it looks like the Digidestined can win this final battle in their long-running war against BlackWarGreymon to defend the Destiny Stones, and thereby, the structural integrity and balance of the Digital World, Arukenimon and Mummymon show up again. They threaten to attack the Digidestined directly and divide the attention of their Digimon partners, but are luckily blocked in their attempt, momentarily at least, by Digitamamon and Tapirmon. Davis advises his Digidestined friends to raise their D-3s toward the Destiny Stone. Light emits from the locations of the past six Destiny Stones, flies across the Digital World, and enters the D-3s where it is then reflected back out through those technological prisms directly into the Destiny Stone. The Destiny Stone rises into the sky, far into the clouds, and out of harm’s way and Azulongmon, the Dragon Digimon protector of the Eastern Hemisphere descends from the sky.

The Digimon Sovereign addresses BlackWarGreymon directly: “You, you are the one with the accursed soul of darkness. Tell me, why do you destroy the Destiny Stones?” He answers that he destroyed them to free Azulongmon so that they could fight one another. Azulongmon repudiates him and gives him a showing of his far greater power, even in his current chained form. He then tells him that he is the keeper of the Crests of Light and Hope, but that the existence of the Control Spires has prevented his light from reaching it and defending the Digital World. Because BlackWarGreymon is composed of 100 of these Control Spires his very existence also seals Azulongmon’s power.

Upon hearing that he is the product of evil forces and that his very existence is a threat to the balance of the Digital World, BlackWarGreymon is understandably flummoxed. He has found out the true meaning of his existence hitherto and thinks that he must be destroyed. Azulongmon responds that “every life has its reason. The circumstances of its birth don’t matter” (Very MewTwo, eh?). BlackWarGreymon asks, “My life has a meaning too?” Azulongmon responds once more, “Precisely, but it is up to you to find out what that meaning is.” The whole thing is meant to quasi-philosophical, and it is, but the significance of the moment is lost in Azulongmon’s constant joking around during the sequence. After BlackWarGreymon leaves, stating that he is off to find “someplace where things go to disappear,” Arukenimon and Mummymon, who have once again tied up Digitamamon and Tapirmon, run off in hot pursuit in the hopes of convincing their Frankenstein creation to take up the fight against light.

Paildramon de-Digivolves into Chibomon and Leafmon, Silphymon into Salamon and Pururumon, and Shakkoumon into Tokomon and, for his screen debut, Tsubumon. Azulongmon then begins talking to the Digidestined alerting them to his position as one of four Mega Digimon who protect the Digital World. He then goes into a recap of the series and of proselytizes about light and hope in a nearly-meaningless tirade of pseudo-philosophy most 4th graders wouldn’t accept. We see BlackWarGreymon ascend in the distance into a portal in the sky, the other side of which looks like the Dark Ocean. A sad state of affairs. Azulongmon tells the Digidestined that there is still a greater evil out there. This is probably the voice that spoke to Ken from the Dark Ocean whirlpool. The voice of the same force that sent him the Digivice and called upon him to enter the Digital World in the first place. And unfortunately, probably not Cthulu as we were led to believe by Episode 13, wherein Chiaki J. Konaka introduced his Cthulu Mythos to the series.

Azulongmon ascends back in the clouds, but not before making a crack at Davis’ intelligence and proving himself once again to be quite an asinine digital deity, and not quite the godly awe-inspiring force one had hoped for. The Digidestined ride off into the proverbial sunset (or at least back to Chinatown), where they gorge themselves on dumplings at Digitamamon and Tapirmon’s restaurant. After their celebratory meal, the six Digidestined return to the Real World where Davis sees a Control Spire mirage on the horizon. Ominous stuff signalling the distressing events to come.



The Digidestined Cody

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