The Icemon Cometh (Digimon Tamers- Episode 10)

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Like the Adventure 01 Episode The Piximon Cometh, the title of this episode is a reference to Eugene O’Neill’s 1939 play The Iceman Cometh. In that work, the narrative of the iceman relates to a lie that the protagonist tells himself, a dream he holds which is something akin to the object-cause of desire at the crux of his being. It is the only thing that gives his otherwise pointless life of constant work and drudgery to make ends meet any meaning, and as such, is the one dream or story that manages to prevent him from killing himself. The play is a classic within the American theatrical canon and is rife with themes one might exploit, which could heighten the dramatic power of any work of fiction if borrowed or mirrored through allusion of concepts therein. But like the previous episode, this episode derives its title from the English dub director, and hence is only a seemingly clever title that has nothing to do with the episode’s events or with the play’s themes.

The episode opens with Hypnos tracking another wild digital signature in what has become a running gag by now, which is also the craziest one they have ever seen (another constant theme from episode to episode). The being is trying to bio-emerge and again, Hypnos is powerless to stop it from doing so.

Out in the streets, Rika is walking around listening to the ‘Here We Go!’ Digimon Adventure theme on her headphones and thinking about Digivolution. She is confused as to why Guilmon and Terriermon were able to Digivolve despite their lack of seemingly requisite experience in battling and consequent lack of digital data absorbed. A hand appears out of a black void behind her and appears to attempt to grab her. No one else in the street sees the hand, and only Rika feels its presence, but finds nothing there when she turns to address the feeling of danger. When she turns back around and continues her walk, she finds Calumon standing there ready to play (another cue to Rika that Digimon are not only there to battle as Calumon is seemingly too small and weak for such things and as such, his existence serves some other purpose).

Outside Henry’s room window, Impmon stands watching Terriermon and Henry reading books. This upsets Impmon who finds it disgusting to see a Digimon acting like a human being. Back to Rika, Calumon continues to follow her around the city. As the two pass by a series of billboards with a fashion model displayed on them, the model herself appears down the street and approaches them, revealing herself to be Rika’s mother. She thinks that Calumon is cute and is happy that Rika is showing her feminine side by carrying around what she believes to be a plush doll.

Impmon continues his impish bad behavior elsewhere in the city and attacks a group of crows. Rika and Calumon continue their walk until they reach a shrine. There, Rika tells Calumon to scram. After Calumon begins to cry and runs off, Rika again feels the presence of some dark force behind her, which reaches out for her with two arms this. Rika turns and finds nothing once again. She calls upon Renamon to help, and her partner appears out of the shadows, revealing that she has been following Rika the entire time but has seen nothing nor sensed anything relating to the arms and the dark portal that keeps popping up (potentially at this point only in Rika’s own mind) to drag her back into some evil place.

When Rika returns home, the ghost of Devimon appears in the hall and chases her through her along the path toward her room. Rika again asks Renamon to check to see what is out in the hallway, but Renamon sees nothing and the apparition has disappeared again. Renamon states her pledge to protect Rika, but this only annoys her Tamer partner more. Rika professes her disbelief in ‘all this stuff about partners and feelings’ and asks Renamon to go, and to leave her be.

That same evening, Henry and Takato are hanging out near the park where Henry is trying to teach Takato how to use Modify cards and card combos. Impmon, who had pestered Renamon earlier and learned that Terriermon is forbidden to fight by his tamer Henry, arrives and begins taunting Terriermon. Henry tells Terriermon not to touch Impmon, and so Terriermon launches a projectile attack, Terrier Tornado, that sends Impmon blasting off into the city without Terriermon laying a finger on him.

Renamon is off sulking somewhere in the city atop a skyscraper. She worries that she and Rika are not close enough because Renamon is always so cold and lacking in external signs of affection. she wonders if maybe through acting more human like Guilmon and Terriermon, she and her Tamer might become closer in the process. Rika, meanwhile, is in the subway travelling somewhere for some purpose (possibly just moving through the city to avoid going home and facing either her mother or Renamon) when the spectre of what has been revealed to the viewers by now as IceDevimon appears behind her once more. She again turns and sees nothing. But this time, sensing she may be in danger in the close, cramped quarters of a subway terminal, she runs away and attempts to leave the station. Halfway up the stairs, the hands appear once more and drag Rika through a wall into the Digital Field domain of IceDevimon where the dark Digimon resides alongside hundreds of frozen Rookie-level Digimon he defeated and encased in ice on his journey to becoming the strongest Digimon he can be.

Out in the real world, this domain that has broken through the digital domain outward into Rika’s world manifests itself as a giant ice fortress encasing the top floors of a large skyscraper in the city. As Henry, Takato, and Calumon; and elsewhere Renamon; head toward the palace to fight the Digimon bio-emerging within, IceDevimon tells Rika that he tracked her down as the only Tamer with a ‘heart of ice, a will of stone.’ He finds her worthy of himself and realizes that only through partnership with such a tamer can he continue growing stronger and eventually become the most powerful Digimon around. Rika considers calling upon Renamon for help by using her D-Power, but stops herself as she doesn’t really want a Digimon partner at all and would prefer to get out of this mess by herself. IceDevimon wants to destroy his prospective Tamer’s current partner, however, and as such, he sends out an ice beam from atop the skyscraper into the air above as a signal to Renamon.

Guilmon and Terriermon arrive in the fortress and are quickly frozen by IceDevimon. Next, Renamon appears, breaking into the room using her Diamond Storm attack. She is quickly beaten to a pulp by the Champion-level IceDevimon who calls her a fool for even coming out there in the first place. Rika tells IceDevimon that Renamon came because she is her true friend. This disclosure of friendship between the two excites Rika’s D-Power, which glows and gives Renamon the power to Digivolve into Kyubimon who is still too weak to defeat IceDevimon. Henry tries to use the ‘Heat’ Digi-Modify card to break Terriermon out of his block of ice, which fails, then decides to use and expansion card, which succeeds in bloating Terriermon and breaking the ice around him an Guilmon.

Takato next uses the card combo of a ‘Speed Plug-in’ and ‘Hyper-Wing’ on Guilmon, which counters IceDevimon’s speed and allows Guilmon to force him into the ceiling where he then launches a Pyro Sphere attack, and melts the evil foe. Guilmon absorbs the evil Digimon’s energy and shows that even a Rookie-level Digimon has the power to overcome great odds against Champions when his Tamers has faith in him, and the two have a close relationship. Rika says something about hating all Digimon and then she and Kyubimon collect themselves and run off in opposite directions. Moody much?


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The Digidestined Cody

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