Much Ado About Musyamon (Digimon Tamers: Episode 11)

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It’s night and Rika sits in her room reflecting on the events of the past day. She throws her D-Power and Digi-Modify Cards into her personal trash bin and exclaims that she hates Digimon. The announcement and her actions make as little sense as they did during the last episode and can only really be interpreted as a hatred based on fear. She doesn’t know what the true nature of Digimon are, what their purposes are (which she previously believed to be fighting and collecting data), and she isn’t sure how they function (as just collecting data from defeated Digimon doesn’t necessarily result in Digivolution, while close proximity to a trusted partner human Tamer seems to work no matter the skill level of the Digimon). Rika is confused and as such, lashes out against everything more or less indiscriminately. Digimon in general, and Renamon in particular, only being her most recent target.

The next morning, Takato uses a Hyper-Wing and Speed Plug-in B Card Combo to Modify his Digimon in his card game against Kazu. The combination, which he previously used on Guilmon to defeat IceDevimon in real life, is effective, and wins Takato’s first match against Kazu in what seems like ages. Takato acts cocky and mentions something about the win not being as impressive as winning a real Digimon battle, which throws Kazu and Kenta for a loop and makes them concerned about their friends mental well-being. Later, Takato will run off to feed Guilmon bread before heading out to class.

Elsewhere in town, Henry and Terriermon head to school, Terriermon riding atop Henry’s head in a journey to class that will be a respite from the tortures of dress-up with Henry’s little sister Susie. A Digital Field appears, which is registered visually by Henry and Terriermon, and tracked digitally by Hypnos. Yamaki instructs his employees to use the Yuggoth program, but is advised against it as it seems too late to stop the anomaly from Bio-emerging. Yamaki instructs them to do it anyway and surprisingly the Digital Signature is stopped dead in its tracks by the program, right on the threshold of its Bio-emergence. Then the voice of the thwarted Digimon throws itself into the room at Hypnos and announces its plans to return and seek revenge. The ghastly message is inexplicable as Yuggoth supposedly destroyed the Digimon who planned to Bio-emerge, but instead seems to only have stopped it from emerging into the Digital Field for the time being, meaning that the Yuggoth program isn’t all it was chocked up to be.

Back to Rika. She is laying in bed on her futon ruminating on the previous day when Calumon enters her room and asks why she has thrown away her D-Power and cards. Calumon removes them from the trash, tells Rika that she looks distraught, sad, and that they should play to make her feel better. Rika doesn’t make a move as if to throw away her Tamer-related items once more, or to grab them. She makes no move as if to get up and humor Calumon. However, she does smile and seems somehow cheered up by the presence of the the diminutive, kawaii Digimon.

Meanwhile Renamon arrives outside of the window of Henry’s home (the entire day has passed and has moved from one night to the next relatively rapidly from Rika’s first night at home to Takato and Henry’s daytime events, and now to that night. It’s true that much of consequence happens in the first fourth of Digimon Tamers), prompting him to get on his bike and ride off, following her to a local park (the park where Takato, Kazu, and Kenta regularly meet in the mornings to play Digimon the Card Game). Renamon reflects on how she once believed that her only purpose was to fight and how she gained meaning by absorbing data and working to become the strongest Digimon around. She thought of Rika’s role as a Tamer as only ancillary to her own role as a fighter, as a figure who merely cheered her on from the sidelines and could use Modify cards to help her defeat increasingly stronger opponents. But now, she’s not so sure about any of this, and consequently, the meaning in her life has been called into question. This explains her reluctance to become close to Rika and to reevaluate their relationship as partners. Henry wonders about the meaning of being chosen as a Tamer, wonders if he has some purpose to fulfill or if his role is merely the result of chance.

In class the next day, Takato stares off into the sky over the city, wishing that a new Digital Field would appear so that he and Guilmon could take on the being that would emerge from it, so that the two of them could grow in strength, in experience, and therefore become closer. Kazu appears and challenges Takato to a rematch, which he accedes to thinking he will win no problem. Jeri overhears their conversation and asks: ‘Don’t you ever talk about anything but Digimon?’ Takato is embarrassed and the viewer can tell that he likes Jeri. The gang run off to the park, where Kazu beats Takato and reclaims his title as the King of the Cards, but Takato again downplays the game and tells his friends that he has a real Digimon. Later, he takes them to see Guilmon, but Kazu and Kenta run off when they merely see Guilmon’s glowing red eyes in the back of his den and hear him ‘roar’ (really the beginning of a sneeze).

Guilmon senses a new Digital Field emerging and runs off toward it, just as Henry and Terriermon approach his den. Takato and the others run after him. And Hypnos engages Yuggoth once more, but the Digimon planning to Bio-emerge, Musyamon, destroys the program, proving the ace up Yamaki’s sleeve to be ultimately useless and leaving the organization looking inept once again. Takato uses a series of Digi-Modify cards on Guilmon to combat Musyamon once he appears in the real world, but ultimately overextends his partner Digimon is unable to put a dent in Musyamon’s defenses.

Henry has been standing on the sidelines, unwilling to engage Musyamon and endanger his partner Terriermon in the process. But when a young girl runs into the Digital Field, chasing her run-away balloon, Henry runs in to save her. As Guilmon is pushed aside, Musyamon approaches the little girl and is set to decapitate her and Henry is able to hold back no longer. He sends in Terriermon with a ‘Hypersonic’ Card to stop Musyamon in the nick of time, and then something amazing happens: Calumon, who is nearby watching the events unfold, and who wishes to protect the little girl as well, suddenly begins to glow (at least the red markings on his head do). This somehow gives Terriermon the power to Digivolve into Gargomon and unveils something important, but as yet still obscure about Calumon’s purpose (as a program created to aid other Digimon in Digivolving? As a support Digimon for a strong Tamer team? As a program created to counter evil forces and promulgate good?).

Gargomon defeats Musyamon with little problem, absorbs his data, and as the Digital Field mist dissipates, retreats back to Henry and the others as they return the little girl to her mother on the nearby sidewalk, and disappear into the crowd. As Takato apologizes to Guilmon for just using random cards somewhat indiscriminately in a gambit that put Guilmon’s safety at stake, Yamaki watches the group walk off, and Hypnos now has a gauge on who has been saving their asses and keeping Digimon from running rampant for the past few weeks.



The Digidestined Cody

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