Grow Mon Grow (Digimon Tamers: Episode 14)

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Calumon runs through a crowd. He is being chased by the bully Impmon who has been throwing fire balls at him in a stated attempt at defeating him and absorbing his data. Suddenly everyone in the crowd looks up. Above the office building within which Hypnos functions, the Juggernaut program has taken effect and formed a whirlpool that is dragging Digimon from all over the city into it’s nucleus where they are then destroyed.

Terriermon feels himself being pulled toward it, but is somehow able to result the force of the vortex’s magnetic draw on Digital beings, possibly through his connection with a Tamer, which gives him more physical substance than his Bio-emerged counterparts without them. Rika and Takato both notice the disturbance separately, but somehow manage to meet up in the same part of town with Henry shortly thereafter.

Inside Hypnos, Yamaki gloats about his current success in destroying so many Digimon within the city. Thinking he has won the day and may soon wipe the Digital World out of existence, he waxes prophetic: ‘Beasts of mayhem soon to go away, the world will soon be free from this pestilence forever’ (kind of oddly phrased, eh?). His employees inside of Hypnos must endure the horrendous screams of Digimon as they are killed in the Juggernaut’s vortex. Riley’s partner can barely make it through the proceedings and seems to experience a minor mental breakdown at the horror of the events she is overseeing and help to continue.

But then it happens again: Yamaki’s confidence in the powers of technology and brute force over against existence and life is proven to be wrong-headed. An Anomaly appears within the vortex itself, infiltrating the Juggernaut program, and decommissioning it before Hypnos had time to destroy all Digimon in the area, and eventually, the entire Digital World. A voice projects throughout all of the surrounding area, both physically from atop the office building skyscraper and by proxy through the hacking of television, radio, and internet signals: ‘Humans created us, but now we are free. the time has come to claim our place in the real world.’ He proclaims that the humans have only one purpose under this new rule: to serve the Digimon.

Yamaki is frustrated once again in his efforts. He tells the voice that he will ‘never be a servant to any of you data scum!’ and says that he will never let these prophecies come to fruition. The voice just makes fun of Yamaki and tells him that his program was the sole reason that he [the voice] was able to appear in the real world in the first place. Without Yamaki, the portal between the worlds may never have been opened, made accessible. Takato realizes that the collision of the two worlds could result in both of their destructions and runs off toward the building to confront the Digimon atop it. But on the way, he crosses paths with Yamaki who grabs Takato by the throat and lifts him from the ground. Henry and Rika show up and threaten to force Yamaki to stop, which he does of his own will, showing that Yamaki can be beaten by even the words of a group of young kids. He saunters off, defeated, and dejected.

When the three Tamers reach the building, Renamon jumps up toward the top of the structure and Takato lends Rika his Digivolution modify card, which she uses on Renamon to Digivolve her into Kyubimon (and which also calls into question why they never thought of doing that in the past when they really needed to Digivolve and were unable). At the top of the structure is a Tiger Holy Beast Digimon called Mihiramon. An Ultimate-level Digimon (one of twelve in a group known as the Devas whose purposes are still obscure at this point in the series) who makes short work of both Kyubimon and then Gargomon (who also Digivolves using the Digivolution Modify Card).

The last hope of the Tamers and their world is Guilmon, who Digivolves into Growlmon and takes advantage of a weakness Gargomon recognized in Mihiramon’s battle style: When not attacking, he circles around and is open to attack from the side. Growlmon exploits this and launches both a Dragon Slash attack and a Pyro Blaster beam. both connect, but cause no damage to the Ultimate-level Digimon. Mihiramon bites Growlmon, thereby rending him almost in half, but just as Growlmon begins to fade away and perish, he makes a psychic connection with his Tamer Takato.

The two are transported spiritually or mentally to some sort of in-between realm, a stream of clocks between times where Growlmon can be recovered and the two can make a rally for one last attack. Growlmon asks for Takato’s help, says he needs Takato to win this fight, and that without him all hope is lost. Takato claims he is not worthy of Growlmon, that his defeat was Takato’s fault in the first place, that he has been a coward, but he realizes that this is the last chance. So he takes it. Takato awakens from his daydream to find himself grasping the hand of Calumon, and not Growlmon. As he grabs for a Modify Card, one transforms into a Blue Card through the force of Takato’s will. He scans the card, which activates a Matrix Digivolution!

But he can’t activate it alone. Calumon’s forehead glows bright red: ‘Crystal Matrix Activate!’ Growlmon Digivolves into his Ultimate level: WarGrowlmon. He takes a beating from Mihiramon. every blow of which Takato feels just as does WarGrowlmon, which represents their link as something more than merely that of partners and friends, but of a symbiotic unit of sorts growing ever closer to unification. They launch their Atomic Blaster attack and obliterate their opponent.

Takato, Henry, and Rika are overjoyed that their Digimon are saved. Yamaki is dumbfounded that the children were able to once again clean up his mess, and even reach the Ultimate-level in the process. Kazu and Kenta, who now know that Takato really is a Digimon Tamer envy him, but have been cheering their friend on from the sidelines. Jeri thinks Takato is cute. And WarGrowlmon calls Takato a worthy Tamer. All seems right with the world for the moment, except now the existence of Digimon is no longer a secret and everyone knows that Takato and his friends are Tamers, which may become a problem in the coming episodes.



The Digidestined Cody

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