Give a Little Bit (Digimon Tamers: Episode 35)

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The episode begins with Janyu leaving home for Hypnos to do as much damage control as he can after Megidramon’s appearance in the domain of the Digimon Sovereign. As he departs, it comes to our attention that he has explained Suzie’s disappearance to his wife pretty badly, telling her that she has gone to Hong Kong with Henry to visit the Digital World. She knows better and has apparently even had a prophetic dream in which she saw the two together in the Digital World, despite not knowing about the place as of yet. She begs Janyu to tell her the truth, but he refuses to do so and promises to tell her at a later date as the conversation would take some time and he has little to spare at the moment.

Back in the Digital World, Megidramon has launched the full weight and strength of his draconic frame toward Beelzemon, pinning him down and threatening to consume him if he relents for a moment in holding the Dramon back. However, the joke is on Beelzemon as even Megidramon’s saliva is a weapon, the acidity of which burns through Beelzemon’s slick, high end retail leather jacket, pants, and gloves.

As Megidramon gets increasingly angry, the Digital Triforce on his chest begins to glow and pulsate revealing itself to actually be a Hazard Symbol. As the Digital World’s domain of the Digimon Sovereign becomes ever more unstable, earthquakes begin to riddle the landscape and break the ground apart into small pieces. The Tamers and their Digimon partners do the best they can to avoid falling deep within the earth. Hypnos, Yamaki, and Janyu are unable to alleviate the situation in any way, shape or form as of yet, and as Yamaki seems to be optimistic about the children’s chances of fixing it on their own as chosen ones by the Digital World, Janyu laments his lack of speed in developing the Ark (based on Shibumi’s schematics) to get them out of there.

Ryo and Cyberdramon watch the events from afar, but sense that their power is not enough to combat either the Mega-level Beelzemon or Megidramon, and as such, they remain on the sidelines. Makuramon, however, decides to take this time with Beelzemon pinned down by Megidramon as an opportunity to berate him and win the battle already. However, his insolence backfires as Beelzemon extends an arm, crushes the skull of the Monkey Deva, and absorbs his data, becoming strong enough to hold off Megidramon more easily in the process (and leaving one Deva, the Dog Caturamon, left to defeat).

Taomon and Rapidmon attempt to join in the fight and help Megidramon defeat Beelzemon, but their aggressor merely uses Makuramon’s orb technique to trap the two within bubbles, which none of their attacks are successful in breaking. Henry and Rika use their ‘Alias’ Modify Cards to return their partner Digimon back to their Rookie-level forms, which frees them from the orbs in the process, cedes their extra Ultimate-level data to Beelzemon-making him much more powerful in the process, and making the two Tamer partner Digimon useless in the ongoing battle. With all of this new strength, Beelzemon’s power level surges to near Super Mega levels and he knocks out Megidramon with a series of blows and kicks and sheer brute force.

The disturbances in the domain of the Digimon Sovereign and the attendant ones on the other planes of existence, stabilize with Megidramon’s unconsciousness. Yamaki and Janyu take this to mean that the children neutralized their enemy and really were able to do what Hypnos could not, once again. Yamaki, ecstatic, decides to cede the resources and facilities of Hypnos over completely to the goals and purposes of Janyu and his friends. But back in the Digital World, Takato is in a state of shock. He apologizes to Jeri for turning Guilmon into such a monster through his rage (though Guilmon’s rage was coincident with Takato’s and at least half to blame in the end equation). She doesn’t respond and merely stands, mouth agape, D-Power running a static screen, never again even with the possibility of being rebooted.

Finally, as Beelzemon makes clear his next goal to defeat and absorb the four Digimon Sovereign themselves, he approaches Megidramon to absorb him, and crucially, to absorb the data of his first Mega-level opponent, which might give him the power to take over the entire Digital World (though Megidramon’s instability would probably transfer to Beelzemon in the process and make him even more neurotic, unwieldy, and evil, and potentially even unconsciously so). As he approaches Megidramon, Takato stands by his side and manages to awaken his friend, who regains his composure, loses his berserk frenzy, and becomes the old Guilmon we all know and love.

Next, Takato is mentally transported into a liminal realm in which he remembers his time designing and drawing Guilmon before being transferred to a dark red territory wherein hundreds of Guilmon’s with static facades and bodies rotate around him. He calls out to his friend and a red path is laid out before him through sheer force of will, which leads him directly toward the real Guilmon. And the next thing we know, the two are back in the Digital World, Megidramon having reverted back to Guilmon and seemingly standing no chance against the approaching Mega-level enemy.

As Beelzemon shoots his pistols toward the two, Guilmon manifests a Megidramon tail momentarily and manages to swipe away the otherwise potentially fatal attack as if just a minor Rookie-level barrage. A green light engulfs Takato and Guilmon as the two endeavor to reach the Mega-level organically, through human Tamer and partner Digimon recognizing fully the validity of the other’s existence. They wish they could fuse together and fight as one, and just like that, through the power of their wills and the bond of their hearts, the two engage Biomerge Digivolution, becoming the Royal Knight Gallantmon in the process and keying themselves up to strike their lance deep within the heart of their opponent Beelzemon, who now appears to be a relative pushover.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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