No Mon Is An Island (Digimon Tamers: Episode 37)

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Beelzemon has been defeated and seems to have learned a lesson in humility in the process, ultimately becoming resigned to the darkness within himself and shuffling off from his old Tamer pals to wallow in self-pity and punish himself for all the evil he hath wrought as a servant of the Digimon Sovereign Zhuqiaomon. Speaking of the Mega-level Phoenix Sovereign, the Tamers now stand before the bridge to his castle uncontested. 11 of the 12 Devas have been defeated, one has been converted to the side of the Tamers by realizing her destiny as Suzie’s Digimon partner.

Now, all that is left to do is to battle the Sovereign who created the Devas, which led to the disruptions between the planes of the Digital World and the Real World. Jeri is still too depressed over losing Leomon to go with the others into such inhospitable domain and be of any help. Henry is afraid for his little sister’s safety, especially as Lopmon has seemingly lost her ability to Digivolve for the time being and cannot protect her sufficiently if Zhuqiaomon targets her. As such, Henry forbids Suzie from going along on the journey to the Sovereign’s castle. Kazu, Kenta, and Guardromon volunteer to stay behind to watch the girls and make sure that Suzie is safe, while Takato, Henry, Rika, their Digimon partners, and Lopmon- who believes she may be able to reason with her previous master- head off toward the castle.

Once the gang step onto the bridge, a bubble engulfs them and transports them rather quickly toward their destination. Along the way, Rika wishes she could talk with her mother and grandmother as she misses them and is unsure of whether her and her friends will be able to complete their mission safely and successfully. Takato tells her for the first time about the messages he and Henry sent to her family, ensuring them of her safety. Takato and Henry had been so preoccupied with fighting Beelzemon and Devas over the course of the past day that they had no time to alert anyone to their past adventures in different planes after being spirited away by a Data Stream, or of their complex conversations with Shibumi Mizuno, the architect behind the Blue Cards, the Arks, and a co-creator of the Digimon and the world in which they reside.

Rika chides Takato for not telling her sooner about all of this information. And she becomes even more annoyed when he lets it slip that in the message to her parents, which he sent them as if he was Rika texting in her tone of voice, he included hearts at the end of the message. This feature of the texts is pretty uncharacteristic of Rika, and would normally alert at least her grandmother to the possibility that the sender of the messages was not Rika herself. However, under the extraordinary circumstances and the sheer length of time since Rika and her family have connected, a change in her behavior seems warranted, and would probably alert no suspicions, though the touchy feely nature of the text would ruin her street cred for sure if it got out around town.

When the group finally arrives, they can feel the sheer presence of Zhuqiaomon as an oppressive force before they even spy him. Lopmon attempts to reason with him once he reveals himself, but the Sovereign merely refuses her request to abstain from fighting the humans and their Digimon partners, and instead asks her to return to him as a Deva to help in the fight against the humans once more. She refuses and Henry gets fed up and tells Zhuqiaomon to release Calumon. The Phoenix, naturally, refuses this request as well, referring to Calumon as merely the ‘Catalyst’ and revealing his purely instrumental relation to the Digital Construct turned Sentient Being.

At this, Henry readies himself for battle and spurs on his friends. The three Tamers activate their Matrix Digivolution abilities and bring their partners up to the Ultimate level as Taomon, Rapidmon, and WarGrowlmon, though all three together have little effect upon their adversary and Rapidmon is rapidly losing energy on account of his earlier injuries incurred during the battle with Beelzemon. Henry pushes his friend too far, which results in Rapidmon de-Digivolving into Terriermon, and almost being lost forever, destroyed by Zhuqiaomon’s constant barrages of fire. At the same time, Lopmon is almost hit by a blast from Zhuqiaomon, Suzie is alerted to the danger on her D-Power from afar, which lights up and flies her quickly to her Digimon partner, and she arrives in the building at Lopmon’s side.

The need to protect his friends, his Digimon partner, and now his little sister, spur on Henry to fight his hardest. He Biomerge Digivolves with Terriermon into the massive MegaGargomon and finally gives the Phoenix Sovereign a taste of his own medicine with a series of attacks that result in the complete destruction of the castle and in Zhuqiaomon being bludgeoned down deep within the earth. The two de-Digivolve back into Henry and Terriermon, and the gang decide it’s now time to find their friend Calumon to free him from his quarters as a prisoner to Zhuqiaomon. However, just seconds later Zhuqiaomon ascends from his crater, appearing completely unscathed, unharmed, and raring to go once again.

The scenario seems hopeless, and it strains credulity to imagine a scenario in which the Tamers could even potentially win against such a creature who could take a full barrage from a Mega-level Biomerged Digimon like MegaGargomon. Even Gallantmon’s help and Taomon’s assistance seem as if they would have little effect on a Super Mega-level Godlike being like Zhuqiaomon, especially when he is within his domain, on his own turf so to speak. But the Tamers power of will, of belief in themselves and their ability to overcome adversity have not failed them yet, and hopefully won’t do so in the foreseeable future, especially in the next few minutes.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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