The Battle Within (Digimon Tamers: Episode 36)

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As Gallantmon and Beelzemon begin to duke it out, it quickly becomes apparent that two Mega-level Digimon are about equal in strength. They trade blows and neither seems to be able to gain the edge on the other until Behemoth inscrutably falls from the sky and returns to Beelzemon, forcing him to remount the Digital Construct, but giving him some extra horsepower in the process and a more powerful mount from which to continue his joust with the Royal Knight Gallantmon. Gallantmon tries his best to deflect all attacks whilst attempting to talk down Beelzemon from his anger and elicit some emotional response in the Digimon he knows to have a good heart, and who must feel some remorse for destroying Leomon.

Meanwhile, the other Tamers and Digimon around begin wondering where Takato has gone as they remain uninformed about the new Biomerge Digivolution form. As Kazu and Kenta run off to the nearby waterfalls, where they last saw Takato, in the hopes of finding him there and potentially saving him before it’s too late if he has fallen down them, Jeri sits alone and mourns her friend, becoming increasingly depressed all the while.

Gallantmon attacks Behemoth directly with his potent Lightning Joust attack and destroys the Digital Construct once and for all, rendering it useless and simultaneously forever mysterious in its origins and purpose. The impact of the blow creates a minor quake in the nearby ground, which fractures the space next to Henry and Suzie. Zhuqiaomon sends out the final Deva Caturamon to destroy Lopmon and Suzie at the same moment in which they are already in danger of falling to their deaths. Though Terriermon jumps into actions just in time to block Caturamon’s attacks, Renamon nabs Suzie and Lopmon, and instead, Terriermon, now wounded, falls below the domain of the Digimon Sovereign into a deep crevasse. The fall knocks him unconscious and luckily Renamon notices where he fell just in time to save him from being crushed underground in the event of the next quake.

Beelzemon is still reeling after being forcibly knocked off of his motorcycle, which gives Gallantmon the opportunity to crush the final Deva with a well-placed Lightning Joust. But instead of Gallantmon absorbing the data and gaining enough strength in the process to finally overcome his Mega-level opponent, Beelzemon beats him to the punch and absorbs Caturamon’s data. Beelzemon next attacks Kazu and Kenta at the waterfalls, is blocked by Guardromon, and then beaten back once more by Gallantmon who runs along headfirst into the action, again once in time to save his friends. This time, however, Kazu and Kenta recognize within the voice of Gallantmon, both Guilmon and Takato. when they relay this information to their friends, they are all taken aback at the concept of a human and a Digimon fusing together, and mostly at the realization that if Gallantmon is defeated, both Guilmon and Takato might die.

Beelzemon releases a heavy barrage of gun shots and physical melee attacks against Gallantmon, which rocks him pretty hard and leaves him on the ropes swaying. Guardromon launches his own Guardian Barrage attack to repay the favor from mere moments earlier when Gallantmon saved his metallic skin and the lives of his partner Kazu and friend Kenta. The barrage gives Gallantmon enough time to recoup his energies and hit Beelzemon solidly with a Lightning Joust, then a beam attack from his Shield of the Just. Beelzemon remains alive, but defeated and out of strength, and just as Gallantmon approaches to deliver the coup de grace, Jeri calls out to him, telling him to end the circle of violence right here and now by showing mercy to Beelzemon.

Jeri explains that killing Beelzemon won’t bring Leomon back (though it actually might since Beelzemon absorbed Leomon’s data, and therefore his destruction might free that data up to regenerate as a DigiEgg, if that sort of thing even happens in the Tamers Universe) and would only be an act of revenge, and therefore evil, which would corrupt Gallantmon. Gallantmon de-Digivolves back into Guilmon and Takato as Beelzemon sits there reeling in pain and confusion. His mind cycles back to memories of his past of friendships he refused, of his pointless journey for power without also seeking strength of character, at the horror of his destruction of innocence in the Crysalimon horde and the murder of the just in Leomon. He realizes that it profited him not to gain the world, because in the process he lost his soul to the Devas and the Digimon Sovereign, and even then he was willing to go back on his promises and fight them, becoming traitor even to the devils he sold his conscious to for power.

He leaves the Tamers and their Digimon partners a lost Digimon with no friends, no Tamers, no allies, no purpose, and no longer even his mount Behemoth. Beelzemon turns and speaks aloud to all present: ‘I am nothing now.’ Not even a threat to the Tamers, not even a force of evil for evil’s sake as he is no longer a big bad character whose strength is unmatched, and can instead be defeated, and has been defeated by the forces of good, of friendship, of teamwork, of idealism, and of the very strength of character he once hated so much, but now wishes he were able to muster.

Takato and Guilmon, however, are happy once again. They have gotten past the Megidramon incident together and become closer than any Tamer-Digimon partnership in history and have managed to fuse the very cores of their being, the very essence of their wills, together to create a powerful Mega-level form that allows them to fight as one. And as if to celebrate alongside them, the Digital World generates a new light, which transforms into a new D-Power for Takato.

Elsewhere, Ryo and Cyberdramon are travelling about in a digital swamp. Cyberdramon senses a new power emerging in the Digital World, a power so strong that even he is afraid to challenge it. And Cyberdramon is one-half Millenniummon, and often apt to challenge even Mega-level Digimon. This force, whatever it may be, is something not to be trifled with.



The Digidestined Cody

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2 responses to “The Battle Within (Digimon Tamers: Episode 36)”

  1. mattdoylemedia says :

    I really enjoyed these few episodes. I know the corrupted digivolution ahs been done before, but I liked how it was handled here, and the events were really important going forward or both Jeri and Beelzemon’s arcs.

    • theboronheist says :

      Definitely, a ton of emotions running high throughout as well. And the Gallantmon reveal must have been amazing when it first appeared, though I can’t remember when I first saw it.

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