Azulongmon Explains It All (Digimon Tamers: Episode 38

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Back at Hypnos, Janyu and his team are working with the full support Yamaki’s and the government’s resources to develop an Ark with which to travel to and from the Digital World. However, the process involves incorporating elements of their old friend Shibumi’s code within the final product. This code is still enigmatic and has yet to be broken, and while the code breaker programs in the offices are at work cracking it, they are using so much computing power that the development of the Ark, not in its conceptual stages, is slow going. Janyu is impatient as he wants to complete the Ark as soon as possible to enter the Digital World and spirit away his son Henry and daughter Suzie as soon as possible.

In the Digital World, Janyu’s frustrations and worries are vindicated as the kids are up against a Super Mega-level Digimon Sovereign and even their best attempts at weakening his defenses have hitherto proved useless. As MegaGargomon continues to fight off Zhuqiaomon to the best of his ability, Renamon Matrix Digivolves to Taomon and attempts to protect her friends with a Talisman Spell barrier, though the work fatigues her pretty rapidly. MegaGargomon runs out of gas, reverts to Terriermon, and he and Guilmon leave the Talisman Spell area to fight off Zhuqiaomon, which is akin to suicide as the two have no chance against such a powerful opponent. But in the nick of time, the Dragon Digimon Sovereign Azulongmon appears and stops Zhuqiaomon’s assault.

He tells his fellow Sovereign that destroying the humans and their partner Digimon is useless as they are on the same side in the fight against the forces that would de-stabilize the balance between the worlds and enslave or eliminate both Digimon and human beings. In fact, continuing to fight the human Tamers would be counterproductive. As the two duke it out, Azulongmon continues to advise his friend that they must stop Digivolving further, must end their quest for power as this accumulation of strength was the initial trigger for their true adversary’s emergence. Zhuqiaomon blames Azulongmon for turning the Catalyst into a Digimon (Calumon) to prevent them from accumulating any more power. However, Azulongmon denies these allegations whilst simultaneously making apparent his support for the current state of things regarding the Catalyst’s form.

During the battle, the two keep referring to their ‘true enemy’ who is not coincident with the Tamers, with humanity, or with another Digimon. Takato presses Lopmon, as an ex-Deva, for more information on this enemy and learns that even the Sovereign are not completely sure of what this force truly is. It is not a Digimon, nor is it a Human being residing in the Digital World like Shibumi, and is also not a Digital lifeform like Behemoth or the DigiGnomes. Rather, this true enemy is an artificial force with an unconscious desire to destroy the Digimon Sovereign, and maybe other beings as well.

As Zhuqiaomon continues to battle with Azulongmon, who takes all of the attacks in stride as the stronger of the two, Takato becomes fed up with the situation. He exits Taomon’s Talisman Spell barrier and joins with Guilmon below, Biomerge Digivolves into Gallantmon, and begins to fight Zhuqiaomon. He too, is too weak to defeat the Sovereign, though he wishes to end the circular reasoning of Zhuqiaomon and convince him of Azulongmon’s position by force. Azulongmon, noting that Gallantmon may be destroyed at any moment, ends their conflict once again by coming between them. He advises Zhuqiaomon to give the humans another chance and his Phoenix friend begrudgingly agrees and departs the scene for the time being.

In a digital forest on the other side of the world, Ryo and Cyberdramon have tracked down the Tiger Sovereign Baihumon’s domain. But the big blue cat is nowhere to be found. Instead, the Turtle Sovereign Ebonwumon is watching the domain for him while Baihumon enters a cave deep below the Digital Earth to battle with the ‘true enemy.’ Cyberdramon wants to battle Ebonwumon, but the green aura surrounding the Vedic Turtle God is powerful enough itself for Ryo to recognize his strength and prevent his partner from going berserk and becoming bloodthirsty. Ebonwumon seems worried about the battle commencing below their feet and believes that the outcome is anything but certain. This troubles Ryo as he realizes that if even the Digimon Sovereign are unable to defeat this ‘true enemy,’ the Tamers stand absolutely no chance. Later, a deep silence will settle in the area, and it can be assumed at this point that Baihumon has been defeated.

Back to the domain of Zhuqiaomon, Azulongmon now advises the Digimon Tamers about the true enemy. He claims that it has existed since before the Digital World itself and in the early days, lived side by side with the Digimon as a wicked wind that occasionally spread through the land and destroyed Digimon and DigiGnomes. At some point, it’s work was complete or it had its fill of data and descended below the Digital World’s uppermost layers to somewhere deep within the Digital World’s core where it has resided ever since. When Sovereign amassed unconscionable power, the true enemy sensed this and is now in the process of emerging to wipe them out, which seems to indicate a role for the true enemy as a preserver of the balance of power between good and evil.

But this theory is immediately dispelled moments later when a flock of DigiGnomes come flying toward them, accompanied by the ghostly digital form of Shibumi Mizuno. He knows all about this ‘true enemy’ and refers to it by name as the D-Reaper. He explains that when he, Janyu, and their friends first developed the Digital World, they designed and implemented a program to ‘control the growth of artificial intelligence’ by deleting ‘any programs that exceeded their original parameters.’ The Sovereign have obviously exceeded their parameters in both strength and intelligence, and as such, it makes sense that they would fight so vigorously against D-Reaper’s return.

Mizuno continues by recounting that D-Reaper is a fairly simple program, which should be no problem for the Sovereigns to destroy in its original version. As such, it must have mutated while incorporating the data of those Digital creatures it absorbed all those years ago and thereby Digivolved past the level of the Digimon Sovereigns. Shibumi seems to have more information that he wishes to recount, but he has been fading in and out all throughout the conversation, and finally, disappears entirely from the Digital World, and awakens within the Real World, in a facility where his real body has been kept alive throughout the years by a hired medical staff.

The Digidestined are left with a problem (the D-Reaper) and no recourse to solve it. Ryo and Cyberdramon’s hands are likewise tied as they cannot aid Baihumon in his combat again D-Reaper. And Calumon, who has been slowly crawling out of his enclosure throughout the episode, is finally nearing the exit at the top of the well-like dungeon when a series of globules pass by him and ascend to the Digital World’s surface. Globules of the D-Reaper’s substance, mutated by time into their current amorphous states and boding ill for all beings currently within the Digital World.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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