Homeward Bound (Digimon Tamers: Episode 41)

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It’s time for Janyu’s Ark to appear and whisk away the Tamers and their Digimon partners back to the Real World. Problem is, Rika and Renamon still haven’t returned with Impmon and will be left behind if the Ark leaves at its designated departure time. Everyone begins to board while Takato stands around looking for Rika and hoping that she will make it in time. Guilmon begins to freak out a little bit and attempts to stop the Ark from starting up as Takato seems hell-bent on being left behind.

Unbeknownst to them, Rika and Kyubimon have recovered Impmon and are speeding off in the direction of the Ark as fast as they can. Rika even Modifies her Digimon partner with a ‘Speed Plug-in’ to quicken the pace. Ryo and Cyberdramon are the best equipped of the bunch to go out and find Rika and Renamon and potentially return in time, and as such, the two fly off in search of their friends. All the while, the Ark seems to be getting impatient and is almost ready to take off. As it ascends into the air, Takato runs toward the Ark, but cannot catch up. His friends onboard make a chain of arms to reach him, and eventually, Calumon grasps his hand, but he is too small and weak to hold on for long, and both of them come tumbling apart from the Ark and fall once more toward the ground.

Back in the Real World, Janyu and his friends are discussing the Ark’s programming with Yamaki in Hypnos headquarters. The developer of the Ark explains that he incorporated Digimon AI coding into the Ark as a last-ditch effort to make it operate. This gambit was the only one that ended up working for the team, but it simultaneously made the Ark into something more than a mere tool or transportation mechanism. And this is why when Guilmon cries out to the Ark to stop, it actually heeds his calls for just long enough for Kyubimon, Rika, Impmon, Ryo, and Cyberdramon to return and scoop up Takato and Calumon into the Ark before it’s too late.

The Ark can only contain so much energy and transport so much weight at one time, and as such, Kyubimon reverts back to her Rookie-level form as Renamon, and Cyberdramon reverts back to his as Monodramon. This is notably the first time in the series in which Cyberdramon has been seen in another form. And unlike his Ultimate-level form, Monodramon is affable, kind, and even kind of cute, seemingly losing his aggressiveness and unruly nature. This makes a certain amount of sense insofar as Cyberdramon hatched from an egg formed by the forced fusion of Monodramon and Milleniummon, and thereby retained the jovial nature of the former and the evil latent within the latter. So when he reverts to his Rookie-level form as Monodramon he should be much like the old Monodramon as this side of his personality fully takes hold of him.

Oddly enough, Guardromon remains in his Champion-level form and does not return to some previously unseen Rookie-level. Kenta also finds that MarineAngemon has remained a diminutive Mega-level and has hidden away in his pocket for the ride. He also finds that his new Digimon partner is holding a glowing D-Power, which finally anoints our entire cast of characters as Digimon Tamers (minus Jeri who is now a former Tamer after the loss of Leomon).

Because the Ark wasted time by waiting for everyone to board it, it has now lost its track and much of its time frame in which to return. The children will land in a different part of the Real World than previously calculated due to this change in plans and the Ark will use all of its life-energy to make the trip without its track for the last portion of the journey. The result is that the Ark, which was created in the hopes of putting it to multiple uses, instead dissolves fully after emerging into the Real World and depositing its cargo of passengers. The loss is a minor one, but an emotionally charged one for Guilmon especially as the Ark listened to his cries to stop and thereby ensured that he and his partner Tamer remained together.

In the park of Shinjuku, Hypnos members, the Monster Makers, and the parents of the Tamers arrive at the same time as the Ark to greet them. The reunion is heartfelt and solemn for some (those parents who had full knowledge of their children’s journey before it began: Rika’s, Henry’s, and Takato’s parents for example), though strained for others who are still pissed off at their kids for not telling them about the journey (Kazu), for merely leaving them a note of explanation (Kenta), or for disappearing without explanation (Ryo). Jeri’s parents, however, are noticeably absent. Her father, a stern man, has apparently decided that if she could leave on this journey alone, she can return home alone as well.

Takato finds this situation tragic and decides to escort Jeri home, all the while not knowing of her true identity as the D-Reaper ADR-01: Jeri Type: a spy for the D-Reaper in the Real World who has merely taken the form of Jeri. On the train to her section of town, Takato confesses to the Jeri clone that she is the nicest girl he knows, that he thinks about her well-being and about her generally constantly, and that he likes her more than merely as a friend. However, being a mere spy for the D-Reaper, this Jeri is unresponsive, eats none of her Bento box lunch, and stares off into space with a drugged out expression. Takato cries about not being to save Leomon and not being able to reach her in her deep depressed state as Jeri merely reads the nutritional information on her bento box.

When they arrive at her stop, Jeri’s father picks up the impostor Jeri, doesn’t even thank Takato for bringing her around, and seems to be incredibly mad about the whole situation despite the fact that Leomon explained the entire situation’s necessity to him weeks ago, before the quest even began, and he has that much time to come to terms with everything. He grabs Jeri roughly by the arm and adds hostile and potentially abusive to his growing list of character traits that already include insensitive and negligent. Luckily, when Jeri arrives home, her Step-mother (who Jeri has always tried to distance herself from) comes to greet her joyfully and lovingly, showing concern and care which more than makes up for her real father’s apparent lack of interest.

As Takato rides back into the city, he finds that evil has apparently followed the Tamers back into the Real World and chaos globules have overwhelmed the downtown region with the Hypnos Building as their core. And the situation looks more hopeless than ever before as the Sovereign and their vast Mega-level entourage were apparently unable to stop the D-Reaper. Now the big question is whether or not the Tamers will have any better luck in their forthcoming attempts to do the same.


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The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]

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