The D-Reaper’s Disguise (Digimon Tamers: Episode 45)

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As Dobermon sacrifices himself to give the Tamers the power to Biomerge Digivolve in the Real World, he splits apart into a stream of red energy and one of blue energy. Just how this cedes the power of Mega-level Digivolution to out protagonists isn’t spelled out clearly, in fact, isn’t explained at all, and therefore, remains enigmatic. As the Tamers begin to Digivolve and merge with their partner Digimon, they find themselves within vortice fields of light and each reflects on his or her past life and the ethos’ that led them to this point as well as those new approaches they must take to win the fight against the D-Reaper.

Henry, surrounded by yellow light, remembers how selfish he was as a child with many siblings. He remembers being taught martial arts by his sensei, being taught to learn to fight so he didn’t have to fight, and then using his skills against a neighbor kid and hurting him in the process. He reflects on the perceived necessity of his past pacifist stance and now realizes the necessity of foregoing pacifism to save the world, his friends, and his family from otherwise certain destruction at the hands of a computer program gone awry. And he finally fuses with Rapidmon and becomes one half of MegaGargomon.

Rika, surrounded by blue vortices, reflects on her past tendency to view fighting as an end in itself. Now she knows that friendship and courage are better ends to aim toward. And in the battle coming up, she realizes her combat is not for the sake of combat, but ultimately a representation of her courage in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds and a lionization of her will to protect her friends. So she resigns herself to her fate and fuses with Taomon into Sakuyamon.

Finally, Takato, surrounded by beams of red, remembers the strength and security of biomergence. How this change cedes to the participant a feeling of being part of something bigger than oneself, more important, of consequence. And then he too fuses with his partner Digimon, WarGrowlmon, and becomes the chivalric Gallantmon. All the while, Alice mourns the loss of her own Digimon partner Dobermon who apparently gave of his data and of some core strength within himself to give the others the power to transform. In the Tamer’s Universe’s calculus, this means he will probably never be able to return, is doomed to oblivion. However, I am a hold out for hope in this case, and believe that through some force of will (which is an infinite resource of unlimited power within the series) he may return. Just as Leomon might.

As the three Mega-level Digimon-Human beings easily defeat the D-Reaper ADR-04 units and begin to commence battle with the much larger Evangelion’ Angel-like ADR-05: Creep Hands, Janyu and Rob McCoy, back at Hypnos, worry over what they can do to help their children (Henry and Alice, respectively). Yamaki calms them down and reminds them that the children are the only ones who can really do anything to fight the D-Reaper head on. Further, Janyu is reassured that instead of going to the front lines for moral support, his presence in the lab as a programmer of potential digital tools and weapons in the fight against the D-Reaper would be much more beneficial.

The Tamers continue fighting, destroying waves of ADR-03s and then ADR-02s while trying simultaneously to neutralize the ADR-05 mini-boss. The sending of constantly weaker, less effective waves of agents against the Tamers seems to signify fatigue on the part of the D-Reaper. All this continues as Yamaki talks with Riley and develops a plan to re-initiate the Ark and recall it from the Digital World. a revamping of the mechanism is also in order to make it an effective machine for battle. He tells Riley to keep this effort on the down low as it may be impossible and he doesn’t wish to get up the hopes of the Monster Makers and fellow Hypnos personnel just in case the project is a dead end.

Elsewhere in the city, some old friends we haven’t heard from in some time decide to finally join in the battle against the D-Reaper with their friends. Kazu and Guardromon depart from their home and head off in the the direction of the D-Reaper Zone just as Suzie and Lopmon sneak out. Later, we will find that Lopmon has regained the ability to Digivolve to the Ultimate level as she regains her Deva-form as Antylamon. Kenta and MarineAngemon consider joining the others, though they are not shown leaving the house. Also, Calumon and Impmon wander around town, hanging out and discussing the past. Calumon feels an intense desire, a call, to head into the D-Reaper Zone, but is held back by Impmon in a friendly gesture signifying his care for the little care at his lack of willingness to let him run into almost certain danger.

Eventually, the three Tamers defeat the ADR-05 and begin to target the red mass of the D-Reaper Zone directly only to have a giant red hand emerge and drag Gallantmon below. Instead of being immediately destroyed, the two begin to weaken and turn back into Takato and Guilmon before landing in a park that remains undissolved by the D-Reaper. There, they meet ADR-01: Jeri Type who Takato mistakes for a Jeri, for a time, before realizing that this figure is merely the D-Reaper’s agent. The agent tells him that Jeri was easy to assimilate as her data was similar to the D-Reaper’s as ‘her thoughts were focused on destruction and what you humans call sadness and despair.’

The unit grows taller, sprouts wings, and begins to unravel as a Jeri-like being and become something gradually more monstrous. She explains that because of these emotions in humans and Digimon, the D-Reaper has decided to delete all humans and Digimon, effective immediately. He responds that those emotions will be the keys to defeating the D-Reaper. The unit just smiles smugly and walks off. Meanwhile, outside of the D-Reaper Zone, Takato’s friends are attempting to find a way inside, Kazu arrives astride the back of Guardromon flying in the sky, and a new Digimon appears. The Mega-level Super Sentai-like Justimon whose entrance is pretty cool, but whose identity is currently unknown to the others.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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