When Is A Mon Justimon? (Digimon Tamers: Episode 46)

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Just after the ADR-05: Creep Hands is finally defeated, a new Mega-level friend appears. His name is Justimon and his outward appearance was consciously modeled after the Super Sentai fighters, or Power Rangers, as one of Japan’s most popular Tokusatsu shows. At first, Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, Kazu, and Guardromon have no clue who this being is and are pretty wary about the situation. But it soon becomes clear that this is the biomerged fusion of their friends Ryo and Monodramon.

And it’s lucky that he appeared when he did as another D-Reaper agent soon enters the scene and threatens to cause more trouble. This time, the agent is an ADR-06: Horn Striker. This being is an extremely powerful melee combat unit who doubles as a Military Commander agent in the D-Reaper’s proxy army. Justimon decides to take on this unit by himself and advises the others to go and try to save Gallantmon from the D-Reaper Zone within which he was so recently pulled by an arm of the D-Reaper’s Zone’s red mass. While Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon fly off, Kazu and Guardromon realize they will not be able to follow along on account of their relatively lower speeds and instead decide to stay behind to help Justimon take out the ADR-06.

Back at Hypnos, the gang still can’t figure out how to create a new program that could incapacitate the D-Reaper. And even the schematics they’ve received about it’s initial programming reveal little helpful information regarding how one might destroy it or halt its progress. Janyu’s mind, as have the minds of all his fellow Monster Maker’s and Hypnos employees, is racing. He wonders how the D-Reaper could exist in both the Digital World and the Real World at the same time, and whilst studying the footage of the D-Reaper, locates a blue orb that his gut reaction tells him is the core of the program. This ‘brain’ is most likely the site of the D-Reaper’s consciousness. If destroyed or cut off from the rest of the surrounding mass, it would have no extension into the Real World and no way to manipulate its ‘limbs’ to act within the world. Now that he has determined this connection, and disclosed it to his colleagues, he must divine some way to take advantage of it.

In the park, inside of the D-Reaper’s Zone, the ADR-01: Jeri Type clone continues to antagonize Takato. She torments him repeatedly with past stories about how Jeri was cruel to her step-mother and considers herself to be a bad person thereby, as well as explaining that Jeri always thought Takato was weird and too interested in Digimon, even before he knew they were real. All the while, Guilmon does his best to keep his partner Tamer sane through the experience and eventually, the ADR-01 cracks completely and becomes totally unlike Jeri in aspect. She begins to chase Takato down, deleting trees all along the way. Until that is, Kenta and MarineAngemon finally arrive on the scene. The diminutive Mega-level Digimon uses his Kahuna Waves ability, which shoots out hearts of light that scare off the ADR-01 and confuse it simultaneously, as if manifesting some unknown force, the inscrutability of which threatens the D-Reaper’s claim to omniscience.

Outside of the D-Reaper’s Zone, Calumon and Impmon decide to enter the Zone if necessary to help Jeri: Calumon out of friendship and Impmon out of guilt for destroying Leomon. Calumon feels himself called to a specific area where he comes up against an invisible wall. He pushes and prods, but cannot move through the obstacle until Impmon Digivolves into Beelzemon Blast Mode and cracks the wall with his Double Impact hand cannon attack, delivers a well-placed roundhouse to break it open, then claws an opening through which Calumon enters the wall and finds himself within a Bubble. The same bubble, in fact, that Janyu had previously identified to his pals at Hypnos as the potential consciousness core of the D-Reaper. Therein, Jeri resides, sitting by herself, completely unresponsive to Calumon’s calls, and ruminating on her past failures, the loss of Leomon, and her apparent destiny to remain lonely forever. As Calumon continues to try and get her attention, he is pulled into the central bubble within the bubbles and Beelzemon is bound in a series of cables by the D-Reaper who recognizes him as a potential threat.

Meanwhile, Sakuyamon has created a powerful protective field, which surround herself and MegaGargomon and gives them the ability to enter the D-Reaper Zone unscathed. However, the process takes a lot of energy out of Sakuyamon, as does the mere presence of so much chaotic energy, constantly sapping away more and more of her strength. Just as she is about to grow so weak that she might de-Digivolve into her constituent parts as Rika and Renamon, they find Takato, Guilmon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon. The latter uses his Kahuna Wave attack on Sakuyamon, which restores her strength, and also doubles as a tool to immediately destroy any chaos globules it comes into contact with. All six finally exit the D-Reaper Zone and rejoin Justimon, Kazu, and Guardromon just in time to help fight the ADR-06.

Problem is, each time the thing appears to be defeated, it merely absorbs more energy from the D-Reaper Zone, engorges itself, and becomes larger and more powerful. Eventually, Justimon realizes they must cut the chord connecting the ADR-06 to the D-Reaper Zone in order to defeat this Hydra-like mini-boss. Antylamon arrives and grabs the chord while Justimon cuts it with his arm blade. And finally, everyone is back to together in one place. Everyone except for Impmon and Calumon that is, who Antylamon reports have entered the D-Reaper core (she was unable to aid them at the time). And Alice as well, who Rika remembers as being intensely sad after the loss of Dobermon, and regrets not being able to thank her for her help in sacrificing her partner Digimon to give the other Tamers the power to biomerge.

In Calumon’s case, we are given an image of hopelessness and despair as one of our final vignettes as he sits within the D-Reaper’s core unable to get Jeri’s attention and cheer her up. Juxtaposed with this vignette, however, is one of hopefulness. Alice walks the city streets alone, solemn, resigned to her loss. But behind her she feels the presence of Dobermon, turns to see a vortex of blue and red particles momentarily swirling about, and hears his voice, just for a moment. Once the D-Reaper is defeated and the need to Biomerge Digivolve is no longer necessary, will the Tamers be able to give back their ability and the life energy given in sacrifice by Dobermon in order to revive him. Or is such a thing even possible in a Digimon Universe like that of Tamers wherein the first 46 episodes give us not one mention of DigiEggs or of life after deletion for Digimon.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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