Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire (Digimon Frontier: Episode 03)

(Check out part 2 HERE)

Last episode, I wrote a little bit about the series’ director for Digimon Frontier whose Anime CV before work on the Digimon franchise seemed oddly devoid of recognizable work and thereby vexing insofar as the reasons the Akiyoshi Hongo team had for hiring him in the first place.

As for Sukehiro Tomita, the head writer of Digimon Frontier, none of the concerns are applicable in the slightest. Before work on the series, Tomita’s writing resume for anime reaches back 25 years to 1977. In 1981, Tomita wrote 13 episodes for his first notable project Space Runaway Ideon. In the following years, his talents would contribute scripts for the either the majority of episodes or as the head series’ writer on the following shows and films, amongst others, Genesis Climber Mospeada, Aura Battler Dunbine, Super Space Fortress Macross, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho, and tons of work for various incarnations of the Sailor Moon franchise. Needless to say, Tomita was a talented addition to the Digimon franchise whose work’s quality would never really be in question. This latter quality was probably a necessary one in the head writer position for Digimon Frontier to strike a balance between himself and the director of the series.

After the events of the previous episode, the Digidestined team is split in two once more as the lone wolf Koji runs off on his own again. Takuya and his crew, meanwhile, head back to Flame Terminal where Neemon tells J.P. that he can return home using the present Trailmon Franken-type variant. And J.P. would have probably taken the train back home if Tommy was still up to return with him. But the events of the previous two episodes have inspired Tommy to find his own Digimon ‘Spirit’ to pay back Takuya for saving his life from Cerberumon. Because Tommy remains behind, so too does J.P., and just like that, the team is back together.

Bokomon asks the kids if they will help him to retrieve the Fractal Code to return the Digital World back to proper order in lieu of Cherubimon’s chaos. They agree and shortly thereafter, their D-Tectors alight, telling them to head next toward the Forest Terminal (thus far, there is little of the freedom of travel that was present in Adventure or Tamers). We will later learn just who the voice of the D-Tector really is, but for now, the Digidestined just follow marching orders without questioning anything.

Along the way, they find a Candlemon Village wherein a stone carving of Lucemon and the 10 symbols of the Legendary Warriors is found. Bokomon explains, as ‘Keeper of the Book’, that in the ancient Digital World there was once a war between the Humanoid Digimon and the Beast-type Digimon that seemed interminable and ultimately unwinnable without the extinction of one of the groups. Lucemon appeared and somehow  managed to quell the fighting and to restore peace to the world. However, Lucemon let the power go to his head and eventually became a tyrant of the Digital World. Legend goes that ten warriors arose to battle Lucemon, to defeat and bind him. These Digimon succeeded in their goal and restored peace to the world.

As the generations passed, these Legendary Warriors disappeared from the world or went into hiding. At this time, Cherubimon made his appearance in the Digital World and once again plunged it toward disarray. The new prophecy goes that the ten Legendary Warriors will once again rise up to save to world. When Zoe and Tommy recognize two of the symbols of the Legendary Warriors as those of Agunimon and Lobomon, it becomes apparent exactly how the Legendary Warriors plan to return to restore order and peace to the world: through fusion with ten courageous human children.

As Bokomon digresses, the Candlemon appear to the children and their friends. But they do not come in peace. Instead, these Candlemon, at the request of their elder, attack the Digidestined (though they inexplicably leave Bokomon and Neemon alone) prompting them to jump into the river passing through the village center and swim beneath the currents to avoid attacks from Candlemon along the way.

Eventually, Takuya decides to Spirit Evolve into Agunimon to fight off the Candlemon and to give his friends time to escape from the overwhelming numbers of Candlemon in the village. The gambit pays off as it leads the others to an ice cave wherein Tommy finds his H Spirit of Ice to Spirit Evolve into Kumamon, but it leaves Agunimon open to attack. Agunimon, as a fire Digimon, has no attacks that deal damage to the Candlemon. However, he is subject to the paraffin wax damage of Candlemon, and worse, when the wax melts it immobilizes him.

When Kumamon shows up, he is able to freeze the Candlemon who defeated his friend by encasing the diminutive little Digimon in a block of ice. This frees Agunimon from his own bondage just in time to face off against a Candlemon who Digivolves to Wizardmon and uses his magic to create dozens of illusory Wizardmon copies. Kumamon-Tommy uses his ingenuity to recognize Wizardmon’s weakness: Only the original has a shadow! Agunimon attacks the proper the Wizardmon, forcing him to revert back to his Rookie-level as Candlemon and simultaneously releasing Wizardmon’s stored Fractal Code.

While this Fractal Code initially seems like a plot-hole as only malevolent Digimon like Cerberumon and Raremon (Pagumon) previously released Fractal Code they had managed to store up by destroying the Digital World, it is revealed that this Candlemon had Fractal Code because of his designation as Candlemon Village’s protector. Once released, the Fractal Code creates a bridge from the domain of the Candlemon to the land of Forest Terminal: Code that Candlemon hid and protected to prevent their village from being discovered from evil Digimon. Furthermore, we learn that the Candlemon are not evil like the Pagumon from Forest Terminal Island. No, the Candlemon merely meant to test the Digidestined to find out if they were truly the new incarnations of the Legendary Warriors, and if they were, they would have freely handed over their ‘Ancient Artifact’ (Presumably the H Spirit of Ice). This all sounds a bit like too little too late explanation from a defeated group who wishes to prevent their further destruction at the hands of a just and powerful enemy, but the Digidestined accept it as true, so I guess we’ll just have to as well.

Outside the village, the Trailmon Franken-variant is seen crossing the newly restored bridge. Its only passenger: Koji.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

[Continued HERE]


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