Can’t Keep a Grumblemon Down (Digimon Frontier: Episode 10)

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Episode 10 of Digimon Frontier begins at the dawn of a new day. Takuya, Zoe, J.P. and Tommy awaken to find Koji, Bokomon and Neemon gone from amongst their midst. While momentarily waylaid by this unnerving discovery, one of the kids quickly finds a piece of paper with a message addressed to them from Koji. In this letter, he says that he has left their company to actually get something accomplished and to to find his Beast Spirit without the other Digidestined hindering his progress (Something which is a real problem as the past three episodes- in which he was in the company of the others- did not move Koji any closer to finding his B Spirit of Light). The letter also includes an postscript by Bokomon and Neemon alerting the others that they are following Koji to keep him out of trouble.

Near the Forest Kingdom, a lone Gotsumon investigates a series of mysterious ruins. Amongst an outcrop of rocks on the edge of a cliff stand three large stone faces not unlike those in Easter Island in our own world. Gotsumon interprets and inscription on the side of one of these stone edifices, which reads thus: ‘When the third eye opens, the Spirit shall awaken.’ Also along the side of this same stone facade is a symbol, which astute viewers will immediately recognize at the symbol of Light. And as for the reference to the third eye, this is not some mystical notion about achieving enlightenment through a vision quest toward the ‘Light’, but a very tangible clue toward unlocking the secret of this stone quarry. We know this because a panning shot shows us that two of the stone heads hold jewels in their eyes that make them appear as if they are awake or alive, and the third head has no such jewel set into its eye.

The scene then transitions once again to a different set of circumstances and characters as Koji investigates his surroundings in an attempt to gain his bearings whilst simultaneously making himself sparse to avoid detection by Bokomon and Neemon who have been following him incessantly since his departure from camp that morn. As he runs through a patch of high grass, Koji finds himself perched precariously along the edge of a cliff overlooking another seemingly endless field of wild grassland. Bokomon and Neemon, however, are not so careful. So when they emerge behind Koji from the grasses, they bump into him and all three find themselves tumbling headlong toward the grasslands below. Once there, they meet with a little Gotsumon, the selfsame as in the aforementioned vignette, and Koji tries to ask the little guy for directions to the Forest Terminal. Gotsumon rebuffs his acquaintances and runs off to camouflage himself on top of large rock.

However, the events of the story move along in rapid succession from here on out as the mountains of Gotsumon Village behind the group are suddenly rocked (hehehe, get it?) by Grumblemon in both his H Spirit form and as Gigasmon. The Fractal Code for this territory is released and Grumblemon begins to absorb the land just as Gotsumon leaps into action to defend his home. Koji fortunately stops the petite rock Digimon and Spirit Evolves into Lobomon to try and stop Grumblemon’s hideous advance. But the struggle is short lived as even as five H Spirit Digidestined previously had no effect on Grumblemon’s B Spirit form as Gigasmon. The villain defeats the hero and threatens to destroy him totally, but luckily Gotsumon grabs Lobomon and hides him in amongst the crumbling rocks from the mountain before eventually carrying Lobomon and leading his friends Bokomon and Neemon toward a hideout for the Gotsumon underneath a large boulder adjacent to the mountain.

When Koji comes to, he hears the other Gotsumon chiding the little would-be hero Gotsumon for spending so much time trying to track down the Legendary Warrior ‘Spirits’ to battle Gigasmon. Gotsumon leaves the hideout knowing something they don’t: the final gem, or ‘eye’, of the statues was revealed during the disintegration of Gotsumon Village and all he has to do now is to go and search through the rubble to find it before claiming his own ‘Spirit’ artifact. Gigasmon meanwhile has found and ambushed our other four Digidestined friends, beating them handily in the process and even exposing Zoe’s Fractal Code as Kazemon, and thereby taking her ‘Spirit’ for his own. Zoe is now without options to aid her friends in combat and it seems that the others will also lose their ‘Spirits’ in this battle. That is, until Koji arrives on the scene and manages to lure Gigasmon away from the others and toward the ruins that Gotsumon has been investigating.

Once there, Gigasmon launches a powerful attack that threatens to destroy Koji completely and he almost absorbs Koji’s H Spirit of Light before Gotsumon intervenes and saves Koji just as Koji attempted to save Gotsumon’s Village previously. Gotsumon holds off Gigasmon long enough for Koji to regain his composure and to place the gem within the eye of the final statue. The three stone heads launch a beam attack toward Gigasmon the aggressor, which gives Gotsumon a break, as well as yielding Koji enough time to claim his B Spirit of Light and to Spirit Evolve into KendoGarurumon, his untapped power form. Through this new Digivolution, Koji is able to defeat Gigasmon momentarily by knocking him off of the adjacent cliff and into the waves below. but is unable to reclaim Zoe’s H Spirit of Wind in the process. Although Koji grew as a person by allowing himself to trust Gotsumon and to help him as a friend despite knowing he was unable to defeat Gigasmon without the B Spirit upgrade, he was unable to truly destroy Gigasmon, and thereby, much of the the Digital World’s Fractal Code is still tied up in the form of Grumblemon and what’s even worse, Zoe will be unable to help her friends in the fight from here on out until Grumblemon is defeated.

Finally, a substantive episode!


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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