No Whamon (Digimon Frontier: Episode 14)

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Of this particular episode, I have no recollection from my youth. Yet, somehow I know the title and think of it as one of THE iconic Digimon dub titles. But you know what they say: Sometimes you don’t think it be like that, then it do.

The Digidestined continue to travel from the Forest Terminal escape route toward their next destination. However, this tunnel path is anything but wieldy and predictable. There are numerous forked paths along the way, which shift the track direction at seemingly random times. As such, instead of finding their way toward the proper exit, the Digidestined are dropped off in a large Underground Cavern with no escape. What’s weirder is that along the way here, there was a large section of tracks missing overlooking a chasm where their train was somehow able to glide downward toward the next set of tracks. However, the Trailmon now has to return to its station at the Forest Terminal backwards. Making this upward jump backwards seems to impossible. Yet, we will later see Grumblemon and Arbormon following the tracks and watching as the Trailmon returns to the station. So given the events of the episode thus far, I choose to interpret this Trailmon as a phantom Trailmon that can move through death-defying inversions and the like if need be.

In the center of the Underground Cavern, there is a large pool of water where a Whamon has somehow become stranded. The Digidestined calm the big guy and learn that he was minding his own business and eating some shiny plants when Grumblemon appeared on the adjacent coast and decided to use his hammer to fracture the land there. This creates a whirlpool by the coast where water rushed in and filled the now empty space, and somehow dragged Whamon therein to this underground cavern. Meanwhile, J.P. finds the whole situation hopeless and realizes that they must fight Grumblemon, and presumably his three lackeys (two of which, Ranamon and Mercurymon, actually decided to return back to their home base of operations rather than aid Grumblemon any further), to escape this cavern with their lives. Although J.P. is injured from damage sustained in the previous fight, he puts on a brave face and tells Zoe that he will do his best to return her H Spirit to her, which causes the young lass to swoon a bit in the face of such determination and bravery J.P. exhibits mainly for her benefit.

When Arbormon and Grumblemon finally appear, Grumblemon immediately uses the last of his magic powder to create dozens of Golemon, including a particularly large one probably close to Ultimate-level. Takuya and Koji Spirit Evolve in the dumbest manner possible into their H Spirit forms as Agunimon and Lobomon instead of becoming their B Spirit forms as BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon and thereby becoming unbeatable in this particular conflict. Dumb dumb dumb! And they did the same thing last episode too!

So the obvious happens next as Grumblemon, his Golemon army, and Arbormon route and defeat Agunimon and Lobomon, which puts J.P., Tommy, Zoe, Bokomon (who has taken charge of the care of Seraphimon’s DigiEgg), and Neemon are backed into a corner and all hope looks lost. But J.P.’s earlier bravado was much more than mere boisterous boasting on his part. He muscles up as Beetlemon along with Tommy as Kumamon and manages to defeat the remainder of the Golemon, minus the Ultimate-level OP and oversized one. And then he is defeated and almost has his H Spirit stolen before Whamon intervenes and shoots a large spout of water in Grumblemon’s direction. This stuns Grumblemon for a time by catapulting him across the room and against a wall, but it also drains the remainder of Whamon’s water supply and leaves him flopping around in the dirt.

Fortunately, that shiny plant he ate so long ago was actually the Beast Spirit of Thunder, which emerges from within his… um… er…. bowels?! as he propelled the water out of his system through his blowhole. J.P. immediately realizes that this is his Beast Spirit and he uses it to transform into MetalKabuterimon. Now, thus far both Takuya and Koji could not control their Beast Spirits upon first use and instead went berserk and almost killed their own friends in the process. To J.P.’s credit he only does this for about ten seconds as the power streams from his body in lightning surges that cave in various parts of the Underground Cavern. Fortunately, part of the cavern caved in is the area above Arbormon who had transformed into his B Spirit form as Petaldramon and was giving Agunimon and Lobomon a particularly difficult time in the battle.

MetalKabuterimon launches his cannon blaster volley toward Grumblemon and his final Golemon stooge, which evaporates the latter and defeats the former. Instead of merely grabbing the Spirits displayed on Grumblemon’s streaming Fractal Code, MetalKabuterimon takes the all-out war approach and digitizes the Fractal code, thereby gaining Grumblemon’s H Spirit of Earth, all of the data he previously destroyed in the Digital World, and destroying Grumblemon and reverting him to a DigiEgg to be returned to the Digimon School or Digimon Nursery (if Frontier has such a place that is). Furthermore, Zoe is able is to finally retrieve her H Spirit, which she thanks J.P. for as the two share a romantic kind of moment.

The romance lasts merely a moment because all of MetalKabuterimon’s battling ultimately caves in the entire cavern, which floods with water from the ocean above. The Digidestined and their friends are picked up by Whamon who carries them off toward a nearby island, while the Wood Type Arbormon presumably floats to the surface to fight again one day. The Digidestined are now in the best position they have hitherto ever been in. All five have H Spirit Evolutions, while three have Mega-equivalent B Spirits. Bokomon has the DigiEgg of Seraphimon, which will prove useful, no doubt, later on. And the group might even be able to track down Ophanimon to aid them in future battles. Plus, Grumblemon is defeated, which leaves only four Legendary Warriors left to defeat. And we only know that one of them, Arbormon, has a B Spirit form, while one, Ranamon, does not. If the Digidestined can manage to track down the rest of their Beast Spirits, they will have five Mega-equivalents in their party versus a team of evil Cherubimon-following Legendary Warriors with a maximum potential strength of four Mega-level equivalents. Finally the odds are stacked in our protagonist’s favor, if Koji and Takuya start using their Beast Spirit forms more often anyway.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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