Beastie Girl (Digimon Frontier: Episode 15)

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It’s been five episodes since the now-departed Grumblemon stole Zoe’s H Spirit of Wind and rendered her useless in battle. Now that J.P. ensured it was returned to her, it seems appropriate that she will be able to use it asap in this, the first episode since she regained the power.

The episode begins with Mercurymon and Ranamon at their home base discussing the events of the previous episodes from their own perspective. Ranamon orders Mercurymon to track down Arbormon and bring him back to the base. While Mercurymon accedes to this demand, he also tells Ranamon that he believes she must be terrified without a Beast Spirit since three of the Digidestined Legendary Warriors now have their own Beast Spirits and were able to destroy Grumblemon because he had lost his. Although, Ranamon objects to this line of reasoning, once Mercurymon leaves, we find Ranamon studying a map of the Digital World, scrutinizing every detail for some body of water previously overlooked wherein her Beast Spirit of Water may be hiding. When she zeroes in on such a place, Ranamon decides to head off in its direction.

By luck, or chance, or more likely the machinations of a screenwriter forcing forward the plot through a Deus ex Machina, the island that Whamon drops the Digidestined off at just happens to be in the area where Ranamon plans to search for her Beast Spirit. It also just so happens that one of Ranamon’s fan clubs (this one composed of Toucanmon) resides on the island and has received express directions to search for the Beast Spirit throughout their area. Instead of the Beast Spirit, however, the Toucanmon find the Digidestined and crew on their island’s coastline rejoicing and even boasting about how their good fortune as of late. The pieces of information that pique the Toucanmon’s interest most include Zoe and J.P.’s fawning over one another as Zoe boasts about the return of her H Spirit and thanks J.P. profusely, while J.P. boasts about now having his very own Beast Spirit and Zoe responds affirmatively about how cool he is. Besides being a deservedly saccharine moment (maybe one of the first openly romantic moments between Digidestined kids thus far in the franchise), it alerts the Toucanmon that these kids are the Digidestined and that they have Beast Spirits.

Therefore, the Toucanmon concoct a wily plan. They open up Toucan Paradise: a seaside resort that offers free food, lodging, and beach supply rentals to the Digidestined to get them to stay around. While the Digidestined are out lounging on the beach and in the surf, the Toucanmon enter the changing rooms and steal the boy’s B-Tectors in the hopes of giving them to Ranamon so that she can have the Beast Spirits housed within. The plan is a failure from the very start for a few important reasons. 1. These are the Beast Spirits of Fire, Light, Thunder, and Earth (as Gigasmon’s Spirit was absorbed by Takuya’s D-Tector) within the D-Tectors. None of which are usable by Ranamon, the Legendary Warrior of Water. 2. No one but Digidestined have hitherto ever been able to use a Digivice and even if Ranamon could use the Beast Spirits, she would probably not be able to draw them out of the devices. 3. Zoe is notoriously picky about what she wears, and as such, takes a very long time to pick out her outfit. So when the Toucanmon try to enter her changing room, she is still within it, gets freaked out and yells out to the others.

The other Digidestined enter the room quickly without thinking that she might be half dressed and quickly run the other way when Zoe screams again out of embarrassment. The Digidestined learn that their D-Tectors are missing, but luckily Zoe still has her own D-Tector. When Ranamon finally makes her appearance, Zoe is finally able to Spirit Evolve into Kazemon for the first time in five episodes and go head to head with one of the evil Legendary Warriors. Its the fan service fight all Digimon fans were waiting for (and it excites the Toucanmon as well), until Ranamon senses the presence of some force beneath the waves. She submerges and finds her Beast Spirit of Water, then transforms into Calmaramon. Although basically a more adult version of Ranamon with tentacles (which is arguably even better), this Beast Spirit form of Ranamon is seen as ugly and creepy by the Digidestined and by Ranamon’s Toucanmon fan club who all immediately revoke their memberships and run off with visions of the ethereally-beautiful Kazemon instead.

Although Kazemon stands no chance against Calmaramon, the Water Beast finds this form new and alien and thereby difficult to control. Thereby, Calmaramon attempts to use a spinning attack against Kazemon, but only ends up becoming dizzy and flying off into the distance where she is no longer a threat for the time being. With this pressing concern out of the way, the Digidestined return to tracking down the Toucanmon to find their D-Tectors, which will come in handy if Calmaramon returns. This is necessary because Zoe, the only one with a D-Tector currently, still has not found her Beast Spirit and a returned Calmaramon would soon overwhelm the team if she becomes able to control the unwieldly power of her Beast Spirit.

As the review of the events of the episode is over, and I’ve yet to reach my minimum word count (1000 words), I’ll discuss a point I mentioned above only in passing. Mercurymon seems to sense that Ranamon is searching for her Beast Spirit and has some sort of complex that she has yet to find one. A common response in such a discourse that we might expect from Ranamon would be to shoot back at Mercurymon by asking why he was so concerned with her Beast Spirit when he didn’t have one of his own. However, since Ranamon does not make this response, we now know that Mercurymon already has a Beast Spirit form.

By the episodes’s end, this means that Mercurymon, Arbormon, and Ranamon all have Beast Spirit Evolutions. Duskmon is still an enigma. But this increases the odds in the the Legendary Warriors of Darkness’s chances slightly as they have at least 3 Mega-level equivalents in their party just like the Digidestined, but as evidenced from previous episodes, the Dark Warriors have better teamwork and tactical fighting skills as a unit in battle. As of this moment, they may be stronger as a team than their Digidestined counterparts.


Ciao for now,

The Digidestined Cody

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