Bizarre Bazaar (Digimon Frontier: Episode 17)

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As the Digidestined travel upon their raft along a rapid river current, Arbormon awakens beneath the ocean where he was left after Grumblemon’s defeat and the subsequent cave-in a few episodes back. Arbormon appears unscathed as if he had just taken a long nap, and he is somehow alive despite having been under water for quite some time. This would make sense if Arbormon were the Legendary Warrior of Water. However, he is the Legendary Warrior of Wood, and there are no trees that can grow and survive whilst completely submerged in water as they require sunlight. And while earlier Digimon shows played a bit with the rules of their series, they were at least internally consistent and did not play so fast and loose. The reasons why this season is considered the worst of the first four are becoming more apparent with each episode I watch.

As the Digidestined reach the Autumn Leaf Fair, the Toucanmon begin to depart with the camera they traded for the D-Tectors. The town is full of Digimon of all levels from Baby to Mega. This is to expected of a large trading fair, but is once again unsettling as the entire Digital World is currently at under threat of destruction by Cherubimon and there are many Digimon present who could easily help in this battle against evil. There are fourteen Ultimate level Digimon at the fair including very powerful ones like Phantomon, Etemon, Myotismon, Lilymon, Piximon, Taomon, and Vademon. There are seven armor Digimon including the Mega-level equivalent Golden Armor Digimon Kongoumon. Finally, there are three Mega-level Digimon: Jijimon and Babamon (arguably not fit for fighting) and the Royal Knight Gallantmon who could defeat any of the Legendary Warriors of Evil even when in their Beast Spirit forms and potentially even Cherubimon himself. The team who helmed Frontier no doubt just populated this event with tons of recognizable Digimon without giving pause to think about this inconsistency or even without explaining it away as a group of selfish Digimon who only care about turning a profit.

The Digidestined immediately begin searching every shop and stall in town as soon as they arrive, but find no leads on the whereabouts of their D-Tectors. J.P. and Zoe take a 30-plate Restaurant challenge that J.P. surprisingly loses as Zoe wins and is rewarded with a handful of train tickets for use all Trailmon lines in the Digital World. Tommy finds a little hole in the wall shop run by a Datamon more obsessed with playing an arcade machine game than making sales. The game is a Space Invaders variant in which the good guy is a Togemon shooting spikes toward enemy Pagumon. And Datamon is absolutely terrible at the game.

As such, Tommy intervenes, reassuring Datamon that he is a great gamer who has had tons of experience playing video games back in the Real World. And Tommy’s no joke after all as he quickly ascends through levels to reach the final mothership boss and manages to beat the game. A cartridge is released from the system as a prize and Datamon immediately stores it away in a locker behind the counter of his shop. A locker wherein the four D-Tectors are spied by Tommy. Tommy tells Datamon that they belong to he and his friends, but Datamon refuses to return them. However, Tommy is persistent and manages to get Datamon to relent just a tad. Datamon promises to hold the D-Tectors for up to an hour while Tommy goes out and searches for something to trade for them.

Luckily, Tommy quickly runs into the Toucanmon on the outskirts of the city and is able to chase them down and take the camera, which they drop when falling through the ice and into the waters below. Tommy is too good-hearted unfortunately and he goes back to save the Toucanmon who reward his kindness by immediately taking back the camera and running away. Neemon saw Tommy leave town and reported this to Takuya and Koji who, as a team, go to the outskirts of town and find Tommy crying. They console him and after learning of his ordeal head off toward Datamon’s shop. But Arbormon, who tracked down the Toucanmon and Datamon arrives first with the Toucanmon in a sack. He plans to trade back the camera to Datamon for the D-Tectors, but Datamon checks out the camera first and finds a short film thereon that shows Tommy saving the Toucanmon from drowning. He refuses Arbormon’s trade deal, so he Slide Evolves into Petaldramon, destroys the shop and beats up Datamon before the Digidestined can arrive on the scene (sans J.P. and Zoe who are still out at the eating competition).

Datamon gives Tommy his D-Tector, which has been upgraded with the data that was within the cartridge from Space Invaders: the B Spirit of Ice! Tommy immediately Spirit Evolves into his new form as Korikakumon and doles out a beating to Petaldramon for a time before losing control of his Beast Spirit and becoming trapped in Petaldramon’s vines. Datamon returns Takuya and Koji’s D-Tectors, and they Spirit Evolve into Agunimon and Lobomon, respectively, to free their friend from Petaldramon’s bondage. Why they don’t just Spirit Evolve into BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon to help destroy Petaldramon for good? One reason could be that they wish to only aid Tommy and thereby allow him to take all the glory in this battle. The result is that Petaldramon retreats and is not destroyed right there and then. Overkill was the proper decision that Takuya and Koji once again refused to make, and thereby the proper answer to why they did not Spirit Evolve into their Beast Spirits is that they are idiots.

The episode ends as night falls and the Digidestined team have regrouped. Ophanimon speaks through their D-Tectors and tells them that they must make a choice right now to either return home or to continue their journeys as this is the point of no return. Everyone agrees to continue onward and they are advised to head next toward the Rose Morning Star, which is quite some distance away. But the team do have those train tickets Zoe and as such they use them now to get as far they can toward their destination. All five Legendary Warriors of Light now have Beast Spirit Mega-level equivalent forms. They have the egg of Seraphimon. But the Legendary Warriors of Darkness have only four members, three of which have Beast Spirits and one of which (Duskmon) is so aloof as to currently cause no problem for the Digidestined. Things are looking up.


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