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Stuck in Sakkakumon With You (Digimon Frontier: Episode 27)

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Most of the Digidestined team have escaped from Sakkakumon while their friends Takuya and Koji continue to muscle on through the various areas within. J.P., Tommy, and Zoe Spirit Evolve into their H Spirit forms as Beetlemon, Kumamon, and Kazemon and attempt to reenter Sakkakumon to help out, but find a nearly impenetrable electric net force-field blocking their progress. Duskmon appears, and as his strength within his H Spirit form is well beyond a Mega-level Digimon, he is able to push on through to seek out Koji within the Darkness Area of Sakkakumon’s internal matrix.

As the other Digidestined have no way of entering the matrix themselves, they decide to try and contact their friends through the D-Tectors in an attempt to alert them to the presence of Duskmon. Zoe manages to get a hold of Takuya and tell him to track down Koji for back up, but they cannot seem to connect with Koji because of the interference of negative emotions and energy fields within the Darkness Area. Takuya makes double time to the nearest active eye portal, but finds himself within the Ice Area rather than his intended target. There, he is immediately attacked by an Ultimate-level Digimon called IceLeomon whose noble character shines through his possession by Sakkakumon. As Agunimon, Takuya tries to talk him down and bring him to his senses, but finds this impossible as the hold over his will is too strong. Instead, he swiftly decommissions the old lion heart after a quick, but intense exchange of blows, digitizes his Fractal Code, and finds that two new eye portals open up in his vicinity. One of these will lead him outside to his friends, while the other leads back to the internal corridors of Sakkakumon. Takuya chooses the latter path in the hopes of finding Koji before Duskmon lays waste with his sick fighting skills (forgive me, I’m listening to J Dilla as I write this).

Meanwhile, Koji didn’t have very long to wander through the Darkness Area before Duskmon appeared and grasped him by the throat threatening his life if Koji didn’t reveal who he was and why he seemed to have some relationship to Duskmon. Duskmon invades and interrogates Koji’s memories to learn more about him forcefully and finds out a bit about Koji’s life during the few days before he left for the Digital World. The story goes that Koji’s mother is dead and that his father finally moved on three years ago when he found another woman to fill the hole in his heart and give him a renewed emotional life. He and that woman got married and Koji has always been a little gruff toward her as he considered her unnecessary to the household and as no real replacement for his mother.

However, once when his father tried to talk to him about being nicer to her and trying to include her more in his own emotional life, Koji lashed out with is disaffection. She was coming up the stairs at the time and overheard the conversation, which hurt her feelings. Koji realized that she was no saboteur trying to take away his father from him or trying to replace his mother, but a real person with emotions who loves his father and wishes to become closer to him as a step-mother as well. On the day when Koji received the text message beginning the journey to the Digital World, he was in a flower shop looking to buy a bouquet for his step-mother and father’s three-year wedding anniversary. This was a big first step toward reclamation of something like a healthy household relationship, but the message was urgent and he ran out and left the Real world before he could give her the flowers and become closer.

The images of Koji on the train toward the Shibuya Station Underground Terminal trigger memories within Duskmon’s psyche of a boy who looks like Koji following after Koji and Takuya toward the station on that day. It seems that Duskmon may, unlike his fellow Legendary Warriors of Darkness, be a human child at his core who has merely turned to the powers of the darkness. Furthermore, he is a child who looks identical to Koji and therefore probably has some biological connection to him. These memories force Duskmon to his knees, which allows Koji to escape his grasp and Spirit Evolve into Lobomon. Cherubimon appears within Duskmon’s conscience and advises him to continue his fight and to keep working to plunge the Digital World into total darkness. He continues his fight and Lobomon continues to be beaten even as he Slide Evolves into his Beast Spirit form as KendoGarurumon.

And then, Seraphimon’s DigiEgg begins to move around in Bokomon’s waste band. It eventually comes dislodged and flies high in the air where it discharges a beam of light energy into Sakkakumon, through the Darkness Area, and directly toward Koji’s D-Tector. This light gives him the new power of Fusion Evolution, or the ability to simultaneously use both his Human Spirit and his Beast Spirit in battle. Koji triggers this new evolution potential and becomes the Super-Mega-level Digimon BeoWolfmon. This form can go toe to toe with Duskmon fairly well, but the abundance of light energy immediately defeats the Darkness Area and expels the two Digimon from without Sakkakumon’s body, throwing them far into the furthest reaches of the Continent of Darkness where Duskmon begins to run and BeoWolfmon gives chase as the apparent aggressor. The tables have turned in the battle against Duskmon and soon Cherubimon and the Rose Morning Star will be the primary focuses of the Digidestined.

But first, Takuya is still stuck within Sakkakumon and it seems that no one will be able to re-enter and help him finish off the final two regions. The first, the Light Area, is likely to prove no problem for Takuya as just another region that happens to have a strong Ultimate-level Light -type Digimon defender therein. If Agunimon can’t hack that, then BurningGreymon might be able to. The final region is the Steel Area where Mercurymon himself may be awaiting Takuya’s arrival. This is a more difficult foe to defeat as his reflective mirrors and hardened metal body reflect most types of attacks, including fire-based ones like those possessed by Takuya. If he can get some of that Seraphimon DigiEgg energy, however, there is probably no limit to what his powers can do and the Legendary Warriors of Darkness may be no more in short order.


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Garurumon (Digimon Adventure Episode 3)

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Last time on Digimon Digital Monsters, Tai was in mortal peril in the tentacular clutches of Shellmon. Agumon, by virtue of having eaten earlier, had enough energy to Digivolve into Greymon and save Tai by defeating Shellmon. This was the first time anyone Digivolved to Champion level in the series and it established Tai as the de facto leader.

During this, the third episode of Digimon, the gang searches for food (carrying on the theme from part 2). Izzy goes fishing while Tentomon collects berries and Patamon finds some bananas. Mimi attempts to collect mushrooms, but Palmon prevents her from gathering poisonous mushrooms that would provide a bit of indigestion to say the least. Food.

The gang finds a secluded lake with a small island in the center. Resting on the island is an inexplicable trolley car whose lights turn on when the Digidestined approach. Like the phone booths in the previous episode they interpret the trolley as a sign of civilization and decide to stay the night inside in the hope that it may return them home. While in the woods foraging, they find other odd artifacts from civilization in the form of road signs. There is, however, no road to be found. As the conspicuous abandoned hierophanies of technological civilization amass, only more confusion and mystery abounds. The phones in the previous episode could not connect them with their homes, the signs point to nowhere in particular, and the trolley will not lead them back to their own world either.

Night. Tai and Matt jostle for who will get the first shift as watchman. Both are zealous and raring to prove themselves as leader of the group, but Izzy intervenes and suggests that Tai take the first watch and Matt, the second. Matt’s half-brother T.K. also expresses interest in taking on the same responsibility, but Matt demures and tells him that he is too young to stand guard. His overbearing personality and perceived need to control T.K. is interpreted by the other Digidestined as Matt being a bad brother to T.K., but the relationship between the two brothers is more complicated.

Matt and T.K. are half-brothers who used to live together in the same home. Now, their parents are separated and they see little of each other. They don’t have a particularly close bond, but Matt is extremely protective of T.K. He even sends his Digimon, Gabumon, to sleep beside T.K. to keep him warm. When a camp fire alights upon the tail of a massive monster of the loch, and awakens the beast, Seadramon, Matt swims across the lake to the island in order to protect his brother. Seadramon attacks Matt instead and puts him in mortal danger, thereby triggering Matt’s Digivice and allowing Gabumon to Digivolve into the total BAMF Garurumon, who makes short work of Seadramon. The episode ends with Matt and T.K. bonding with each other, and with Patamon and Gabumon to the sounds of blues harmonica, compliments of Matt.

The stage has been set. Tai is a strong leader, but now Matt is as well. they have both proved their bravery and will be sure to butt heads again in the future (even into Digimon Adventure Tri). T.K. and Matt are growing closer to one another and becoming the inseparable duo we will later see in the film “Our War Game!.” The Digidestined are beginning to understand some of the quirks of the Digivices (e.g. they Digivolve their partners when the Digidestined are under duress). They have begun to become self-sufficient and acclimated to their new world, while maturing at a rapid, but necessary pace. Further, they now realize that the constellations in the stars are not identical to those seen from earth (as far as they can remember at any rate) and are beginning to question whether they are on an Earth gone haywire (as they have hitherto assumed) or have left the world altogether.


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