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The Good, The Bad, and The Digi (Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 12)

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What’s up with these American Episode titles? Obviously referencing the Sergio Leone film, but there are no references in the episode to the film tropes and stylistic compositions that Leone put to use in his films, or even to the iconic musical scores of Ennio Morricone. Ah!?!

Anyhoo, the scene opens onto the Digital sky where Birdramon is getting beaten up by four Airdramon. Sora is practicing Tennis with her team when she gets the SOS from the now-De-Digivolved Biyomon. Sora sends out the message to the other Digidestined, but it is Saturday. T.K. is dead asleep and Kari is out and about with Gatomon on the town, and without her D-3 or D Terminal. Cody, Davis, and Yolei do receive the text and along with Sora, the four head off in the direction of their school where they sneak into the computer lab and enter the Digital World.

Once there, the signal leads them to a desert Ghost Town ala the Old West. There are boarding houses, horse troughs, stables, a sheriff’s office, presumably whorehouses, and most importantly, for the moment, a saloon with a Starmon proprietor who offers them glasses of milk, on the house, to quench their thirst after their long trek through the desert. The proprietor is also Sheriff in these parts and once the group inquires about whether he has seen Biyomon around, he pulls up a digital wanted poster of her. Ken has seemingly put a bounty on her head. As the Digidestined try to reason with Starmon and to convince him that Biyomon is actually a good Digimon and that the bounty is illegitimate, he reveals that he works for Ken and even has a Dark Ring on his head, hidden under his large Stetson.

The gang tries to escape from him, but Starmon’s Meteor Shower attack stops them dead in their tracks. And the Digimon are too hungry to muster up the energy to Digivolve. Starmon corrals the group and shuts them up in solitary at the Sheriff’s office where they find that Biyomon has also been jailed. After Starmon has left, his deputy Deputymon (conveniently named huh?) arrives and frees Yolei, Sora, Biyomon, and Hawkmon so that they can play card games with him. Starmon arrives, sees half of his prisoners missing and runs off to catch Deputymon. But he leaves his lunch behind on accident. The guys use their ingenuity, and a bit of rope that was previously being used to ties them up, to lasso the bento box over their way. The Digimon eat its contents and Digivolve, break out of the prison, and head off to help their friends.

Meanwhile, Starmon and Deputymon are facing off in a classic outlaw style duel, but Deputymon turns before the count is over and prepares to shoot. Once Starmon convinces Deputymon that this is not honorable behavior for an ostensibly good Digimon, Deputymon demures and offers up the first shot to Starmon. The big oaf gets what’s coming to all morons as Starmon shoots and connects, thereby beating Deputymon. Raidramon shows up and is quickly beaten by Starmon as well. Because Flamedramon is a better fighter, Veemon suggests that Davis Digivolve him into that form instead. the ensuing battle leads to the defeat in the dust of Starmon, the destruction of the nearby Control Spire on accident by Starmon, and the disintegration of Starmon’s Dark Ring by Flamedramon. One more Digimon has been freed by the Digidestined, bringing the overall series total of saved Digimon to 107, and another Control Spire is gone. But Ken doesn’t seem worried in the least. He resides permanently within the Digital World now and has much more time to place Spires than the Digidestined have to destroy them.



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